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Katherine Webb Spiced Her Honeymoon Up With a Fancy Bikini

Roll Damn Tide.

Katherine Webb Wore All of AJ McCarron’s Championship Rings

She's a handful.

Are You Guys Ready for the AJ McCarron-Katherine Webb Wedding Reality Show?

Very exciting.

Katherine Webb Videotaped A.J. McCarron’s Uproarious Reaction to Beating a UFC Video Game

In the words of my mother, he’s happier than a pig in shit. Child-like jubilation. I’ve never been that satisfied […]

A.J. McCarron Thought the Grammy Awards Were Pretty Evil

NFL quarterback prospect and boyfriend to the stars AJ McCarron watched last night's Grammy Awards and couldn't help but notice all the dark arts going on.

Katherine Webb’s Priceless Facial Expression When AJ McCarron Fumbled in the Sugar Bowl

Down 31-38 with one drive to go, the last play of AJ McCarron's spectacular college career was a fumble returned for an Oklahoma touchdown. This

The Kid Who Johnny Manziel Photobombed at Disney World Took a Selfie with AJ McCarron

This little guy is on quite the hot streak at Disney World. After being photobombed by Johnny Football, he ran into AJ McCarron. Since it's 2013, he

Katherine Webb Is a Terrible Auburn Alumn

Fact: Katherine Webb is an Auburn alumnus. Fact: Katherine Webb is Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron's girlfriend. But boy -- judging by this sad face she's

Katherine Webb Kissed AJ McCarron After Alabama Beat Ole Miss, Crushing Many-a Bro’s Dream

Hey! Remember that rumor about Katherine Webb dumping Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron a couple weeks back? By the looks of it, it seems to have

Katherine Webb Takes Her Shirt Off for New Hardee’s Commercial

So some people lost their collective shit whenever Brent Musberger pointed out during the national championship game that AJ McCarron's girlfriend, Katherine Webb, happened to

You Guys… Katherine Webb IS NOW SINGLE, Breaks Up with Alabama Quarterback AJ McCarron

Katherine Webb is now single. Can't say we didn't see this coming. Good news for Bros trying to snag Katherine Webb's digits and southern gals

Katherine Webb and A.J. McCarron’s Hot Mom Touch Each Other in Wonderful Magazine Cover

If your mom and girlfriend posed for a magazine cover together, it would be Why Am I Buying This Monthly.

Athlete Instagrams That Were a Bad Idea, GIFS and Memes of the Week, and More Weekend Sports Links

With the NBA playoffs approaching full swing and the NHL Playoffs knocking on the doorstep (whatup Isles), we've got ourselves a great time of year

A.J. McCarron Shares His Thoughts On Frat Boys, Wears a ‘Drugs’ Beanie

It's says "drugs," but it doesn't mean what you think it means...

A.J. McCarron Took Some Awesome Photos With Waka Flocka Flame

Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron had an eventful weekend. The two-time national champion hung out with Waka Flocka Flame and shared some pictures on social media.

Katherine Webb Is Participating in ‘Celebrity Diving,’ Which Is a Thing

There’s a lesson in all of this – and it’s that good things happen to pretty people.

Don’t Worry, Katherine Webb Will Be Covering the Super Bowl for ‘Inside Edition’

The Super Bowl always brings out the heaviest hitters from the journalism world, so it only makes sense that AJ McCarron’s famous girlfriend would be

Katherine Webb Posing for Sports Illustrated, Reports Katherine Webb

We are down that 21st Century rabbit hole, ladies and Bros. The path to stardom is paved with happenstance and screwing high-profile athletes.

The Sizzling Katherine Webb Clad in a Bikini, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

AJ McCarron's girlfriend is the queen of the web this week. Far be it from me to try and stop that. So here she is.

A.J. McCarron Is Jealous of His Girlfriend’s Sudden Fame, Says TMZ ‘Sources’

Uh-oh. Not even 48-hours after winning his second National Championship, there's trouble in paradise. 

Singer Gives Katherine Webb the ‘Jessie’s Girl’ Treatment

Suffice it to say, Katherine Webb may never have a better 72 hour span for the rest of her life. After being on the "Today" show

A.J. McCarron’s Girlfriend Was on the Today Show to Say the Media Has Been Unfair to Brent Musburger

A.J. McCarron's girlfriend, Katherine Webb, was on the "Today Show" this morning to discuss her newfound celebrity with Matt Lauer. What did we learn almost

AJ McCarron’s Priceless Reaction to the News That His Girlfriend Has Over 100,000 Twitter Followers

AJ McCarron’s girlfriend and former Miss Alabamba, Katherine Webb, went "viral" and became a household name overnight. Soon she'll be gossip-page fodder, clubbin' on the illumanti beautiful

ESPN is Sorry You Had to Listen to Brent Musburger Make Verbal Love to Katherine Webb

ESPN, through public relations guy Mike Soltys, addressed Brent Musburger’s fawning over Katherine Webb during last night’s national title game.

Here’s AJ McCarron’s Hot Girlfriend Katherine Webb Using Her Hot Mouth to Speak Words

Katherine Webb is sweeping the Web right now, and for good reason. She's hot, her boyfriend just won his second BCS National Championship last night,

Darnell Dockett Brazenly Asks AJ McCarron’s Girlfriend Out Via Twitter

We know you want to take AJ McCarron’s girl to Wing Stop, Darnell Dockett. The entire town knows you want to take AJ McCarron’s girl

AJ McCarron Has a Hot New Girlfriend, And She Went to Auburn

True love conquers all.

There Were Lots of Signs About AJ McCarron’s Mom on College GameDay Today

As you'll recall, Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron's mom is one foxy lady. This morning a few signs from LSU fans about AJ's mom popped popped

Alabama Quarterback A.J. McCarron Already Autographs Breasts Like a Pro

Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron got a bit banged up in the Crimson Tide’s 42-10 victory over Missouri on Saturday. Like a boss, he didn’t let