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Watch These Stupid People Try To Get A Pilot’s Attention In The Dumbest Way After Missing Their Flight


Have you ever seen someone doing something so infuriatingly stupid that you almost sorta wanna go on a murderous rampage.


This Lady Learned The Hard Way To Not Go Through Airport Security With A Metal Butt Plug Up Your Ass


Going through security is probably my favorite activity to do while at any given airport.


Airline does something not evil for once, has Santa give people insane gifts in real time


Totally normal to hate airlines, especially this time of year when they kill us with high fares and poor service.


Airport employee makes his own ‘beep beep’ noises while driving cart


When you're a cart driver at an airport, you've got to find happiness somewhere in your job.

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The 10 Best Ways to Kill Time at an Airport This Holiday Season


As I write this, I am sitting in JFK International Airport on a Saturday night, taking an unexpected 6-hour delay in f*cking stride.

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