There Is An Answer To Why We Always Have To Fart On Airplanes


Have you ever had the unstoppable urge to shred some serious ass at 30,000 feet.


This Is Easily The Most Disgusting Thing To Ever Happen On An Airplane


Planes scare the hell out of me and not because of the possibility of crashing, or a hijacking, or having to watch three hours of rom coms on a tiny screen.


Fun Fact: The Pilots For Air Canada Are Masturbating To Violent Murder Porn While Flying Planes


When I think of “Jobs that I wouldn’t care if someone decided to masturbate while doing,” the following occupations come to mind: 1.

making friends on airplane

Hey asshole, I didn’t book this flight to make friends


The buzz from your eleven-dollar airport whiskey’s already waning and you’re only just now shuffling onto the plane.


Go Home, Airplane. You Are Drunk.


OK, no one is drunk here, but I'm pretty sure I'd soil my underwear at least twice if I happened to be on this plane trying to land in Bilbao, Spain.


Jonah Hill’s airplane sex story will make you love him much more


One of the most memorable scenes of The Wolf of Wall Street involves Jonah Hill and airplane sex.

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