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Oh, Hell No! Airplane’s Wing Snaps Off Mid-Flight (Pic)

the words 'wing' and 'dangling' do not go together.

Your Daily Reminder That Air Travel Is The Worst: Lion King, The Musical Edition

You know what this flight needs? Carolers.

Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Models Have Made A Glorious In-Flight Safety Video

This will have your belts unbuckled and your dicks in a full and upright position. And don’t guess us started […]

This Sideways Plane Landing May Cause You to Never Fly Again

So apparently this is a "thing" in England: Insane cross-winds cause airplanes to nearly land sideways. It happened to an Emirates jet in Birmingham. And, in perhaps an even

You’ll Soon Be Able to Play ‘Temple Run’ During Airplane Takeoffs and Landings

Turning off your iPhone or iPad or Kindle during takeoff doesn't actually help keep the plane in the air. We've known this for years. NASA