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Watch John Oliver Give The United States Government A Huge Spanking Over The Number Of Visas They Issue Iraqis


Translators who have aided the military in Iraq and Afghanistan are often overlooked, if not completely ignored, when it comes to acknowledging those who have risked their lives in order to help the United States.


US Marine Takes Taliban Sniper Shot To The Head, Miraculously Saved By Helmet


Here I am watching this: the soldier takes the shot to the top of his head, saved by his helmet, and then proceeds to take his helmet off (once in a safe area).


Watch Trailer for ‘This Is What Winning Looks Like,’ Vice’s Documentary About the War in Afghanistan


Today an extremely powerful documentary about the end of the war in Afghanistan hit the web.

military heroes

Intense Footage of a Soldier’s Bravery During a Firefight in Afghanistan


On an intel and reconnaissance mission in the Kunar Province, Afghanistan, a brave US solider took on heavy fire from Taliban insurgents.

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