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Imagine a Dinner Party Where Everyone’s Having an Affair with Each Other

The timing of this video couldn't be more perfect, with the David Petraeus saga getting weirder and weirder by the day. Maybe it's too soon

CIA Director David Petraeus Resigns Over Extra-Marital Affiar

Well, it’s only right. Clearly he was terrible at keeping secrets.

Telling a Girl She Gave You an STD and What Would You Do If You Had a V*gina for a Day

Submit your ask a bro questions here.

Vanity Fair Reveals Scandalous New Details About Tiger Woods’s Affairs, With Nude Photos of His Mist

Vanity Fair's new issue has what they're calling the most complete account of Tiger Woods's many affairs, including photos of and interviews with four of

Tiger Woods Grants First Interviews to ESPN, Golf Channel

On a day in which there was another round of great college basketball and the House of Representatives passed major health care reform, a guy

Tiger Woods’ Texts to Porn Star Joslyn James Revealed: ‘Slap, Spank, Bite, and F*** You Till Mercy’

Do you want to read 122 texts that Tiger Woods sent to adult entertainment star mistress Joslyn James as he arranged one sexcapade after another?

Are Tiger and Elin Woods Renegotiating their Prenup? Is This Marriage Not Over?

We mentioned this a little bit yesterday, but according to new reports, there's a serious renegotiation of Tiger and Elin Woods' prenup in the works,

Tiger Comments on Scandals, Offers His ‘Profound Apology’

Tiger Woods just released an official apology for all his "transgressions": I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of

Wow, Tiger Woods is Sort of a Dirt Bag

I mean, we love Tiger Woods on the golf course and we still think that next season he'll take revenge on the world and try