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Are You Part Of the 30% Of Men Who Don’t Know The 5 Ways To Please Women In Bed? Check Out This Survey To Find Out

No one's perfect, but forreal you can probably do better.

How Not to Be the Guy She Regrets Sleeping With

It's not *that* hard. Seriously,

Do Chicks Really Dig Men in Uniform?

And what, say you, about the long ball.

How to Get Your Girlfriend To Agree To A Threesome, According to a Girl

Trying to get your girl to go for a threesome can be about as simple as negotiating peace in the Middle East.

7 Ridiculous Words You Need to Add to Your Bro-cabulary

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind."

7 Psychotic Pieces of Relationship Advice from ‘Cosmo’

Have you dusted hot chili powder on the insides of your partner's underwear because he/she was grooming better?

How To Get Women Into Bed, By the Really Hot Chick in This Photo

From the forums. Above is how you get our attention. -- Editor

10 Things to Know About Doing Stand-Up Comedy

Write everything down.

Are You a Pussy for Wanting to Be More than Friends With Benefits? Plus When Her Nips Have Hair

My mother once told me that the best way to get what you want most is to behave as if it's the thing you could

How to Actually Handle Making Money in Your Twenties

The idea that you shouldn't care about how much money you make in your 20s is downright asinine.

8 Ways to Not Suck at Social Media

When I see “Happy birthday!” posted on someone’s Facebook timeline, I want to punch myself in the dick.

50 Things Every Man Should Realize

  Fact: Bros love self-improving. So give our Bros at Wall Street Insanity a couple of minutes of your time and […]

Are Bros Allowed To Order Low Calorie Meals?

Commercials work, even if you don’t always realize how deep all those ads for cars, ball cream and beer penetrate […]

The 5 Most Useless Pieces of Advice Everyone Gives

"Spend five minutes with any random person and you soon realize that humans are goddamned horrible at talking to one another. And this is never more apparent

5 Things Every Bro Should Understand by Age 22

Thanks, Internet, for making people think that wisdom such as “Cut off all your hair” and “Live with a roommate you hate” is quality advice.

7 Sure-Fire Ways to Fail at Being Funny

I’m not too much of a narcissist considering I’ve lost every fight I’ve ever been in, but I generally consider myself to be pretty funny.

7 Vital Lessons for 2014 I Learned from My Spam Folder

Most people immediately delete their spam messages, nonchalantly sending a “Get Laid Tonight!” or “Buy any 1-Topping Pizza, Receive a Free Cookie Pizza!” opportunity straight into the Internet

When Can You Ask Your Girlfriend to Try Kinkier Positions? Plus the Sex Merits of Yoga

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Can You Break Up With Your Girlfriend Before the Holidays? Plus Gift Advice

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Just the Tip: A Chick Wants Guys to Know That Periods Really Aren’t That Bad

HA! Girls are so silly. They think we care about things. Sure, maybe once upon a time a girl shot us down and blamed her period

How to Stay Out of the Friend Zone Forever

Sup, Bros. This is episode two of That's What She Said with the lovely Jenn Bosworth from the Back9Network. This week's question comes from a Bro who

The 4 Most Sexist Attempts at Giving Women Advice

Here are some recent examples of incredibly sexist "advice" for women, courtesy of people who think the only difference between being sexist and being progressive

6 Life Hacks to Save You From Life Hacks

Yeah, your life hacks are unnecessary. Sorry no one’s ever told you that before. Luckily, this bearded dude is here to show you how to

21 Things Tasha Reign Wants to Know Before Sleeping with You

Men ask me all sorts of questions about how to get “a girl like me” to sleep with them. Even though we will probably never

The Guide to Attracting Women at Clubs, by Hot Women

There are few things worse than striking out at a bar or club after you’ve spent a small fortune on cab fare, cover and drinks.

Do Sex Dreams Mean You Should Get Back with Your Ex? Plus Flirting While Stoned

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Is It Sexier to Be Okay-Looking and Successful Than Good-Looking and Not? Plus, Fashion Advice

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How to Act Like a Man, by Goldman Sachs Elevator

We’ve all seen and perhaps grown tired of guides and lists that are ripe with tedious clichés and full of humdrum regurgitated meme wisdom. For

What Does It Mean When You Can’t Get Off in 45 Minutes? Plus Other Advice

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Why Your Ex-Girlfriend Keeps Texting You; Plus What’s Proper Blowjob Etiquette?

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The 6 Worst Pieces of Sex Advice on the Internet

The Internet is a wonderful thing, except when it comes to ridiculous sex tips. 

5 Things No One Can Teach You About Being Funny

You sorta just gotta have it. 

Is It Worth It to Date a Chick With a Ton of Emotional Baggage? Plus Should Bros Wear Jewelry?

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How Do I Tell My Girlfriend She Needs to Lose Weight Without Saying It? Plus Wayfarers or Aviators?

If you've ever read this and said, "I really wish he'd answer more questions" this is your day in the sun. Submit your Ask a

A Babe Shares the 10 Commandments to Being a Good Boyfriend

Being in a committed relationship can be a lot like practicing a religion. It involves a lot of rules and regulations, dedication, sacrifice, guilt and

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Have Sex With Your Ex

Sex with your Ex: Good idea? Bad idea? Or always a bad idea? Our girl across the pond, Emily Hartridge, has a new video counting down

8 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Hate You Less

You single motherfuckers don’t understand how easy you have it. Your only concern is falling ass-backwards into some strange and remembering the sordid details when

Science: People Just Want to Bang Anything Wearing Red

It seems that human beings are a lot like bulls. Seeing red makes us want to do bad things.

The Most 21st Century Way of Breaking Up with Your Girlfriend

Write a song about cutting it off and post it on YouTube to tell all your friends about it, of course. F*cking hipsters, man. They'll use

Temple News Writer Pens Epic Op-Ed on Periods

John Corrigan’s final column for The Temple News will go down in history – and not in a good way. Titled “Time of the month