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California Proposes Law That Will Require Condoms for All Porn

If you want to make a professionally-produced, for-profit adult movie in the State of California, you'll soon be required to wear a condom.

How to Tell If You’re Addicted to Porn

How does one know if they're addicted to porn?

Miss Teen Colorado Is Back Making More Amateur Adult Films

How would you rate her comeback, Bros?

What It’s Like to Direct Your First Adult Film (When You’re Also Starring In It)

It's quite the experience.

A New Study Has Determined What Kind of Adult Movies Women Like Best

You know you want to know.

5 Survey Results Proving Girls Are Cooler with Adult Films Than We Give Them Credit For

The other day we received an email from webcam site Cam4 about a survey they commissioned a French company to […]

Nooooooo: Adult Film Star Christy Mack Has Canceled Her Blowjob LEGO Contest

Terrible news, Bros. Christy Mack is canceling her LEGO-building blowjob contest: 

How to Watch Adult Movies at Work

It's easier than you think. Just don't get caught! Here's a handy-dandy guide... 

10 Things I Learned About the Adult Film Industry By Reading Reddit Today

Reddit is amazing. If you aren't reading it every day, you... don't need to start. 

An Interview with Former Porn Star Gauge, Who’s Returning to Porn After An Eight Year Hiatus

This is a subject we've blogged a lot about here at BroBible: Why do porn stars leave the adult film industry, then return after being

7 Signs You’re Watching Too Much Porn

Professionals and lay people alike want to know if there is such a thing as too much porn. If so, what are some of the

WOAH: Sydney Leathers Allegedly Shared Sex Partner With HIV-Infected Porn Star

Woooah. HUGE scoop here from Gawker. Apparently Anthony Weiner's former sexting partner, Sydney Leathers, had unprotected sex with actor Xander Corvus, who's had unprotected sex with

Porn Sex vs Real Sex, Explained By a Porn Star

As explained by adult film star Nina Hartley. "Nina... Who?" Shut the f-ck up. You know you've jerked it to Nina Hartley before... 

The Trailer for the World’s First-Ever Google Glass Porn Has Arrived

Well, you just freakin' knew this was coming. The first adult film made entirely with Google Glass is in the books. It's a comedy of sorts,

12 More Incredible Before and After Photos of Porn Stars in Make-Up

Back in March, we featured an amazing photo gallery of porn stars before and after make-up. The gallery showcases the amazing make-up work of Melissa

The World’s Top Porn Search Terms

Hey! Did you know Ukrainian's most popular porn search term is "raincoat"? Or that Iran's is "p*ssy"? Or that Finland's is "mature"? Yeah, so you get

Read an Interview with a Porn Star Make-Up Artist

Apparently there's not a huge difference between doing makeup for adult film actresses and for brides on their wedding day... 

Actor Fred Willard Reportedly Arrested for Whacking It at Adult Movie Theater

Beloved funnyman Fred Willard was reportedly arrested for pulling a Pee-wee Herman at a Los Angeles adult movie theater last night.

Poor Horny Dude Suffers Crippling Headaches When Watching Smut

I don’t like to make value judgments, but this guy is f*cking weird.

10 Reasons Why Women Watch Adult Movies

UK countdown queen Emily Hartridge (of 10 Reasons Men Watch Adult Movies fame) is back with 10 reasons chicks disappear into their rooms with batteries,

They Shot ‘Gangbang Girl #32’ at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Los Angeles Coliseum is currently best known for being the home of the USC Trojans, but it’s some Trojan-less activity at the taxpayer-owned stadium

10 Reasons Men Watch Adult Movies (Video)

Here's British phenome Emily Hartridge examining the 10 reasons guys watch skin flicks.

There’s a Horror Movie Based on a Guy Finding a Box of Smut

Faith-based Rich Prayton presents a trailer for his movie “Harmless,” which chronicles a father and son’s struggle with pornography. It’s shot in that