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What It’s Like to Direct Your First Adult Film (When You’re Also Starring In It)

It's quite the experience.

A New Study Has Determined What Kind of Adult Movies Women Like Best

You know you want to know.

Duke Sex Star Belle Knox Is Hosting a Reality Show For People Trying to Get Into Adult Films

Gotta strike while the iron is hot.

3 Days at the AVNs: One Bloggers Report from the Adult Film Industry’s Oscars

Our favorite mad man movie blogger, Vince Mancini, went to the AVNs. This is his 2014 State of the Union on the Adult Film Industry.

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Porn

Guyism's Chet Siegel is here to drop some porn facts on your chest, Cleveland Steamer style.

You Can Find Out What Your City is Masturbating to, Because You Obviously Need That Information

Here's a question: WHAT THE FUCK IS MASSAGE PORN? And hhhhhhwhy is it so popular?

Adult Film Entitled ‘Teen Gets Knocked Up by Accidental Creampie’ Has Darkest Ending Ever (SFW)

We all watch smut. That's just a fact of life, like the sun's going to rise and you're going to tell some wild untruths when

5 Times Adult Films Get Things Disastrously Wrong

It's not all roses and facials IRL.

What Are People Masturbating to RIGHT NOW? An Adult Website Is Streaming Searches in Real-Time

The adult website PornMd.com is live streaming what people are searching for on their site right now. Spoiler: It’s gross. [...]

Duke Freshman Writes ‘I Am A Porn Star’ Tell-All

The Duke porn star has done so much media since being revealed in the Duke Chronicle that it’s kind of [...]

Miss Colorado Teen Runner-Up Might Have Done Adult Film

Another day, another former pageant girl in a porn flick. Allegedly.

Want to Know Who Won What at the 2014 AVN Awards Last Night?

The pornography industry's Oscars were last night. And don't you want to know who won MILF Performer of the Year at the 2014 AVN Awards?

How to Be an Adult Film Star

Hey! Have you been thinking about a career in the the adult film industry? You should watch this video... 

What Do Adult Film Stars Carry in Their Luggage?

Oh you know, contact cases and clean pants and lube by the GALLON (although bags with those need to be checked). 

Adult Film Star Must Choose Between Massive Boobs and Her Life and We Lost You At Massive Boobs

Many websites are calling this a sadistic Sophie’s Choice which is proof that many websites are run by old people because that’s a

What Would You Do If You Could Spend 24 Hours with Jayden James?

"Jayden WHO!?" -- Said no Bro ever... 

Bro Goes to the EXXXOTICA Convention In New Jersey, Hilarity Ensues…

Show of hands if you knew every single one of the adult film stars in this video? If you're raising your hand, we know what

Adult Film Star Allie Haze Reviews ‘Don Jon,’ Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Movie

Bros: Do you know who the adorable Allie Haze is? If you answered "yes" to that question, we know what you do in your free

21 Porn Star Doppelgangers for Hot Female Celebs

You may want to book this post for... uh.... "research" purposes....

The 7 Most Baffling Porn Trends Across the United States

#7. Montana and Oklahoma Are the Only States That Love the Butt. Some really cool facts here from Cracked.com. Yes, yes... It's SFW: 

Former Pornstar Explains Why Your Daughter Wants to Be a Porn Star

Former porn star-turned-blogger Jennifer Ketcham -- stage name Penny Flame, who was on VH1’s Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew and Sober House with Dr. Drew

An Interview with Former Porn Star Gauge, Who’s Returning to Porn After An Eight Year Hiatus

This is a subject we've blogged a lot about here at BroBible: Why do porn stars leave the adult film industry, then return after

7 Signs You’re Watching Too Much Porn

Professionals and lay people alike want to know if there is such a thing as too much porn. If so, what are some of the

WOAH: Sydney Leathers Allegedly Shared Sex Partner With HIV-Infected Porn Star

Woooah. HUGE scoop here from Gawker. Apparently Anthony Weiner's former sexting partner, Sydney Leathers, had unprotected sex with actor Xander Corvus, who's had unprotected

Guess Which Country Hosts the Most Porn Sites?

I feel like I'm watching the Summer Olympics all over again when I look at this chart. Just the USA, being the goddamn USA, winning

The 23 Worst Possible Ideas for Pornos

I don't think I want to live in a world where a Girls Gone Wild parody with Oscare Wilde doesn't exist. Get on it, San Fernando Valley. 

Porn Sex vs Real Sex, Explained By a Porn Star

As explained by adult film star Nina Hartley. "Nina... Who?" Shut the f-ck up. You know you've jerked it to Nina Hartley before... 

13 Surprising Facts about Our Porn Searches

10. In Kazakhstan the second most popular search is "squirt machine" which is hopefully a person and not some kind of terrifying device built in

Today In Terrible News About Ice Cream-Themed Porn

Truly terrible, terrible news...

If Porn Sites Were Actually Realistic…

Bros, I think it's time for a little real-talk about those websites you've been visiting lately...

The 6 Standards I Have For All Porn I View

The lights are dimmed, the door is closed, and the curtains drawn. But one must have standards when it comes to watching adult films. Here

Porn Sex vs Real Sex: The Differences Explained With Food

Look, don't take our word for it: People have some pretty stupid misconceptions about sex and it's mostly from their habitual "pleasure time" Internet activities.

Confession: I Like Porn Better Than Real Sex

If I had to choose to have one or the other for the rest of my life, I would choose porn over real sex any

The Trailer for the World’s First-Ever Google Glass Porn Has Arrived

Well, you just freakin' knew this was coming. The first adult film made entirely with Google Glass is in the books. It's a comedy of sorts,

Bad News If You Live in the UK and Like Porn…

The UK is going to block all online pornography by 2014. Good thing for the First Amendment! Oh, right... 

New Porn Site Features I Wish Existed

"Google Bangout" is the greatest Internet feature I've ever heard of... Make it happen, Big G... 

10 Ways to Get Your Girlfriend To Play ‘Call of Duty,’ Explained By Ex-Pornstar Jessie Rogers

Couples that game together, stay together, right?

Kayden Kross Stars In a Movie Called ‘Bridesmaids’ and I Can’t Tell If It’s a Chick-Flick or Porno

Here's the amazing thing about this trailer: I know it's the latter, but everything about it looks like the former. Yes, this is a SFW

The True Story Behind ‘Porn Stars Without Make-Up’

A very important follow-up to this story: 12 More Incredible Before and After Photos of Porn Stars in Make-Up

All Porn Stars Should Wear Condoms: An Ex-Porn Star Speaks Out for Change in the Adult Film Industry

Editor's Note: On May 24, a California statewide bill requiring condoms be used on adult film sets was placed on hold by