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10 Ways To Correctly “Do” Foreplay, By Adult Film Star Tasha Reign

Believe it or not... I love sex :)

10 Things I Learned About the Adult Film Industry By Reading Reddit Today

Reddit is amazing. If you aren't reading it every day, you... don't need to start. 

21 Porn Star Doppelgangers for Hot Female Celebs

You may want to book this post for... uh.... "research" purposes....

15 Memorable Porn Star Quotes On Pictures of Puppies

Naturally, our Bros on the other side of the office decided to superimpose famous porn star quotes onto pictures of puppies. Hilarity ensues...

Porn Sex vs Real Sex, Explained By a Porn Star

As explained by adult film star Nina Hartley. "Nina... Who?" Shut the f-ck up. You know you've jerked it to Nina Hartley before... 

Porn Star’s Dad Is Angry at Her for Ruining Porn For Him

No, that is not an Onion headline. Moneyshot quote from pornstar Stoya's interview with Huffington Post Live yesterday: "My dad is purely just angry that