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What Are Porn’s Most Searched for Occupations? PornHub Has the Answer

The trusty PornHub statisticians are at it again, culling data from billions of videos watched.

Watch a Porn Star Watch Her Sex Scenes for the Very First Time (SFW)

Adult film star Coco Velvett has apparently never seen herself get shucked on camera. That BLOWS MY MIND.

This Video Will Tell You If You’re Addicted to Adult Film

68% of young men watch porn every week? That number has to be higher.

Chinese Company Gifts Employee of the Year a Night with Adult Film Star

An unknown company in Shanghai recently hosted a dinner for its employees. Among the attendees: a famous Japanese porn star. Was she there to just look presentable while pecking

Naughty America to Release All Its Adult Films in ‘Ultra High Definition’

One of the largest porno businesses in the world, Naughty America, is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to shoot its films in ultra-high-definition, or 4K

Adult Website Reveals How Much Smut We Watched During the Polar Vortex; It’s a Lot

Extremely cold weather hit the Midwest and Northeast earlier this week. Some called it the "Polar Vortex" and the blizzard that preceded it "Hercules" because it is

15 Things We Jacked Off to Before the Internet Changed the Game

In 2014, when a man wants to jerk off, he sits in front of a laptop, types in Pornhub.com (has to type it in every

The 5 Parts of Sex Adult Films Don’t Prepare You For

"When I finally had sex for the first time, it was like eating a chocolate bar from a strange foreign country. I assumed I was

Adult Film Website Now Offers Customized Playlists That Work Like Pandora

Certain adult websites get 70 million daily visitors. It runs advertising for mainstream movies like This Is the End and Don Jon. And it's now responsible for a customized playlist

Adult Film Star Allie Haze Reviews ‘Don Jon,’ Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Movie

Bros: Do you know who the adorable Allie Haze is? If you answered "yes" to that question, we know what you do in your free

EGADS! Porn Industry Shut Down After HIV-Positive Test

Calling to mind the Mr. Marcus syphilis scare that shut down the porn industry in August of 2012, the Free Speech Coalition asked yesterday that

6 Ways That Porn Rules the World

"Think we're exaggerating? We've got the numbers to back it up. As big as you think porn is, it's bigger, and its influence on modern

Planning on Using Google Glass to Watch Porn?

It was to be called "Tits and Glass." Tits. And. Glass. That was the truly inspiring name of the first-ever porn app to be released

Watch Actual Lesbians React to Lesbian Porn

So you're telling us that lesbian porn is not the same as real sex? Huh. Shocking.

A Swedish News Report Had Porn Play Behind It for 10 Minutes

Despite its blurry broadcast, we're pretttty sure it's Lisa Ann in the background, which is all kinds of sad.

Mother-Daughter Duo All Set to Become Adult Film Stars, Film Scenes Together

Jessica and Monica are two of porn's biggest new stars: And they're actually mother and daughter.

Now That Seth MacFarlane Is Hosting the Oscars, He’s Rejected a More ‘Prestigious’ Awards Show

Oscars, or the Adult Video News Awards? MacFarlane has made his choice clear. 

A Cam Girl Filmed an X-Rated Video in Cornell’s Library

The guys at Ivygate found an interesting post today on Cornell message board "Ezrahub" that appears to be a video filmed in Cornell's engineering library,

Our Conversation with Kayden Kross, the Hottest (and Smartest) Woman in Adult Film

There are a few hard and fast rules I have in life. One of them is this: Any time you have a chance to talk

10 Reasons Men Watch Adult Movies (Video)

Here's British phenome Emily Hartridge examining the 10 reasons guys watch skin flicks.