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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Adult Film Star Tasha Reign

Since BroBible started letting me blab on here, I know you Bros know a lot about me, both sexually and how my mind works.

Naughty America Is Letting You Buy Subscriptions to Its Site with Unwanted Gift Cards

Porn! Bringing innovation to society since the beginning of time. 

Adult Star Takes Topless Photos at Her Former Catholic High School, Causes Predictable Sh*tstorm

Never saw this coming! Meet Valerie Dodds, a 19-Year-Old adult entertainer who allegedly masturbated with a crucifix at her former Catholic High School in Lincoln, Nebraska

12 More Incredible Before and After Photos of Porn Stars in Make-Up

Back in March, we featured an amazing photo gallery of porn stars before and after make-up. The gallery showcases the amazing make-up work of Melissa

Dude Posing as an Arab Prince Interviews Porn Stars

Unless he's a real Arab Prince and unwilling to name his name? I don't know. Regardless, he has some pretty vulgar questions for adult entertainer Mischa

5 Things I Love About the Adult Film Industry

So yeah, I remember my first time. I was nervous. A lot my friends had done it before, or at least that’s what they claimed.

Courtney Stodden Gets Rejected by Hugh Hef and Company

Courtney Stodden, who made waves by marrying actor Dough Hutchinson at age 16 (he was a youthful 51 at the time), recently became legal. After