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Here’s Adrian Peterson’s Heartfelt Text Explaining Why He’s Playing Today

Adrian Peterson is playing through heartbreak today. The Minnesota Vikings running back’s two-year-old son died Friday after being beaten. Peterson explained his decision to play

Reports: Adrian Peterson’s Son Has Died

The Sioux City Police Department has confirmed that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson's son has passed. 

Adrian Peterson Misses Practice, Allegedly Because Two-Year-Old Son Was Severely Attacked

Screw everything about this. 

Adrian Peterson Is Not Mortal, Starts the Season with a 78-Yard Touchdown

Adrian Peterson is not human. To the glee of fantasy owners everywhere, on his first carry of the season, AP charged out of the gates

This Is What It Looks Like to Be Adrian Peterson

Chris Kluwe and now Adrian Peterson have made you wish for the impossible: A time machine—possibly built like a streamlined version of John

Bros Use Twitter to Get Adrian Peterson to Call Friend Sick with Cancer

Blake Cognata is a high school senior battling a rare form of cancer called Ewing's sarcoma. It attacks the bones, it's painful, and it's caused

Adrian Peterson Led the Vikings Into the Playoffs With This Incredibly Clutch Run

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson needed 208 yards yesterday to break Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record. It was a tall order.

Adrian Peterson Continues to Break Off Ridiculously Long Touchdown Runs

This is insane. Adrian Peterson’s ACL blew up like the Death Star last Christmas and yet he’s out there dominating.

Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Adrian Peterson, and Ron Artest are ‘Lockout Professionals’

To no one's surprise, the lockouts were easy targets for Seth Meyers and company at the ESPY's last night. Alas, Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Adrian