Town In Massachusetts With Severe Heroin Problem Vows To No Longer Arrest Users


A police department wants to do something different about the way we treat heroin addiction.

Romario Dos Santos Alves

Bodybuilder Addicted To Muscle Injections Told His Arm Would Need To Be Amputated


Addictions come in all different packages including drugs, food, sex and even working out.


Doing Cocaine Now Will Make You a Better Father Later


Good news for those of you railing lines of blow right now to power through the work (or school) week.

Xbox 360

Guy steals xBox and Wii for drug money, replaces them with his PS3


Rarely does drug addiction ever equal smarts, but I know a few cokeheads who, upon hearing about some dude stealing his friend's video game consoles to feed his Xanax habit, and replacing them with his own console, who would go "umm, what.

Video games

Meet Roxanne Myers, the girl who lost her feet due to video games, supposedly


For her thesis on gaming addiction, Roxanne Myers went on a 2 day long gaming binge, to see what it's like to put one's body through such a thing.

pastor james robinson

Josh Hamilton Gives Glenn Beck TV His First Post-Relapse Interview


As most know, a few weeks ago Josh Hamilton had a small relapse in his on-going fight against substance addiction.

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