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Adam Sandler Said Something Really Gross About His Mom While Singing A Goodbye Song To David Letterman


Adam Sandler's comedic abilities peaked towards the end of the 1990's, but last night he performed a really decent -- yeah, we'll go with decent -- original comedy song that he wrote in honor of David Letterman.


Adam Sandler Explains How Michael Keaton Picked Up The Check For A Table Of 25 With Just Two Words


Every thing about these Adam Sandler stories makes me 1) continue my dream of working on SNL 2) continue my dream of meeting Michael Keaton and 3) continue my dream that Farley is really alive and just hiding out.

joe dirt 2

Here’s A Sneak Peek Of ‘Joe Dirt 2,’ Dig It


Dust off your mullets and pump up the Skynyrd because there will be a "Joe Dirt 2.


Watch ‘The Fantastic Mystery of Shaq’s Penis’ Right Now Because It’s Animated And It’s Classic


Let's step into the time machine to go back to 2013 and an episode of Conan.


The Best Tidbits from Adam Sandler’s Awesome Interview On Norm Macdonald Live


Sandler speaks on why he won't host SNL, and whether or not he'll ever do a sequel to Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore.

World's Most Overpaid Actors

Very few surprises on the World’s Most Overpaid Actors of 2013 list


In what should come as a shock to no one with a functioning brain, Adam Sandler tops this year's list of Forbes most overpaid actors.

Funny videos

Adam Sandler Doing Standup Comedy at Age 22 Is Really, Really Good


This isn't BRAND NEW UNEARTHED FOOTAGE, but after stumbling across this during the mid-morning hours of this fine Tuesday, I felt that sharing would be a nice, caring pageview-seeking gesture.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon Does Incredible Impressions of Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Seinfeld, and Many More


Jimmy Fallon went on America's Got Talent to do some outlandishly good impressions.

honest trailers

‘Grown Ups’ Get a Brutal Honest Trailer Treatment


If Rob Schneider doesn't kiss the feet of Adam Sandler every day, he probably should.

Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow

9 of the weirdest pre-fame celebrity cameos


Everybody has something in their past that’s weird or embarrassing.

Shaquille ONeal

Adam Sandler Will Stop at Nothing to See Shaq’s Dick


For some reason, Adam Sandler became obsessed with seeing Shaquille O’Neal’s penis.

Shaq in Grown Ups 2

Adam Sandler really wants to see Shaq’s junk


Adam Sandler appeared on Conan last night and made a brave confession.


‘Grown Ups 2′ trailer has finally arrived


Adam Sandler and his old man posse are back for Grown Ups 2.

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