celebrity impressions

This Guy Who Looks Exactly Like Robin Williams Also Does INCREDIBLE Impressions Of Him


Robin Williams spent his lifetime making people laugh, but his legacy will live on mostly through the comedians he inspired to different; to be the funny they want to see in the world.


Benedict Cumberbatch Is Unable To Say The Word ‘Penguins’


Emmy Award winning actor Benedict Cumberbatch may be incredible at many things, but saying the word 'penguins' is not one of them.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks Played ‘Chopsticks’ on a Big Piano Again


Man, when Tom Hanks played that piano thing with the old man in Big, you really believed life was magic.

Jean Claude Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme is BACK, You Guys


Jean-Claude Van Damme hasn’t exactly been front and center over the past few years but it’s certainly not because he’s irrelevant.

Patrick Stewart

Let a Maybe-Stoned Sir Patrick Stewart Teach You Acting, and the ‘Quadruple Take’


73-year-old Patrick Stewart lives in Brooklyn, is engaged to the beautiful singer Sunny Ozell, and sometimes, apparently, gets ripped and gives acting lessons in what looks like a treehouse.


‘Police Academy’s’ Michael Winslow’s Has a Sound Effects Sizzle Reel


It's not really a sizzle reel but a lot of people like to say "sizzle reel" because, I assume, they think things that sizzle are cool (see: steak fajitas), so I wanted to jump on that train to sound awesome for a sizzling second.

TV shows

5 Actors You Want to Fight Because Of The Roles They Played


What do Guy Pearce, Joaquin Phoenix, and the guy who played Draco Malfoy all have in common.

movie posters

8 actors who look the same on every movie poster (pt. 3)


We're always surprised when we notice that famous actors tend to do the exact same oddly specific things in almost every single one of their posters, for reasons that are beyond the comprehension of common mortals like us.


Squint Eastwood Is Hollywood’s Greatest Living Actor


This might explain the whole empty chair thing at the Republican National Convention.

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