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Some Saint Rounded Up Stories About What Sex is Like On Every Drug

Well isn't this thoughtful?

Hey, Good News! LSD Might Be Good For You

LSD has been showing to reduce anxiety in test subjects.

If You Want to Know What Dropping Acid Is Like, Just Watch This GIF

This GIF perfectly sums up an acid trip.

This Video of a Redneck Tripping On Acid Is Delightful

The 9 best quotes said by a good ole boy tripping on LSD for the first time:

On This Day 43 Years Ago, Dock Ellis Threw a No-Hitter on LSD (Video)

This is my favorite Internet video of all time, so I thought I would share it. 43 years ago to the date, Pittsburgh Pirates' pitcher

Bro Drops Acid and Goes to a Monster Truck Rally

It was somewhere around Hartford, on the edge of the Connecticut River, when some bro from Vice's drugs began to take hold.

Vice Sent a Reporter on Acid to Cover the Westminster Dog Show, and Here’s What Happened

Vice has a hilarious video series where they report on different events while on acid—see "Turning 30 and Public Speaking... On Acid" and "Occupy Wall