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Life Imitates Art: Giraffe in Back of Truck Dies Hitting Overpass

Sad face.

Here’s The Best Reason I’ve Seen Not To Do Flaming Shots

It turns out that fire and grain alcohol are a dangerous combo.

Polish Racing Fans Come THIS Close to Dying in Dramatic Car Crash

Close call.

Man Sues Hospital After Surgery Shortens His Penis

He's rightfully upset

Watch a Train Destroy a Tractor Trailer Stuck on California Railroad Tracks

Big truck fall hard?

Woman Almost Kills Fellow Police Recruits By Lobbing a Hand Grenade the Wrong Direction


Here’s Video of the Chicago Subway Train Derailment at O’Hare


Manu Ginobili’s Shoe Died in Horrific Fashion Last Night


This Sideways Plane Landing May Cause You to Never Fly Again

So apparently this is a "thing" in England: Insane cross-winds cause airplanes to nearly land sideways. It happened to an Emirates jet in Birmingham. And, in perhaps an even

Marshall Henderson Scored a Basket off a Defender’s Face

Human lightning rod Marshall Henderson is known for jacking three-pointers, but the most memorable moment of his career may just be this lucky-ass assist.

Large Plane Attempts to Land, Has Second Thoughts

Here’s your daily reminder that commercial airline travel is a miracle and we should all kiss the ground any time we land someplace safely. 

High School Football Reporter Captures Moment He’s Run Over By Over-Excited Team

David A. Amador of High School Sports Magazine will do anything to get his shot, including taking a devastating hit from a large and oblivious

Woman Rams Taxi Repeatedly in Textbook Definition of Road Rage

Women are as skilled at driving as men so there’s really no comment to make here.

Pro Golfer Hits Himself With Terrible Shot While Filming Promotional Video

JJ Ragan is a pro golfer, which makes what happens here particularly embarrassing. He and some of his PGA Tour friends were filming a promo

Dude Gets Head Tangled in Live Wires During Tough Mudder

Well, Bob’s Blitz does it again.

Beyonce Got Her Hair Stuck in Fan During Concert; Did Her Head Stay Attached to Her Body?

Beyonce’s concert in Montreal last night hit a literal snag when her hair got caught in a fan. With great disappointment, I can announce I

Baseball Player Gets Crushed From Above By Skydiver

Baseball isn’t usually a contact sport – but it can be when an out-of-control skydiver comes into play.

Justin Bieber Involved in Hit-and-Run, Paparazzo Injured

Justin Bieber continued his long tradition of driving drama late last night in Hollywood. The headline screams he was involved in a hit-and-run crash. The

25 Accidental Inventions That Changed The World

Dammit! Why can't we accidentally invent something totally necessary that results in a loaded bank account? WHY!?!

Dude on 4-Wheeler Accidentally Crashes Into a COW and It Looks Like a Horrible Experience

To think that none these humans-crashing-into-animals videos would be on the Internet Go-Pro cameras were never invented. Glad we don't live in that miserable world.

‘I Pooped in my Pants (The Dookie Dance)’: Al Roker Sharting His Trousers Now Has a Theme Song

I left it all on the field yesterday, when I wrote about Roker admitting to 'Dateline' that crapped himself in the White House. Like the

This is What a Subway Escalator Suddenly Reversing Direction During Rush Hour Looks Like

Yet another reminder that the world is a viciously dangerous place and death lurks around every corner.

A Bro Tries to Kill a Spider By Punching Wall, Creates Big Problem

As soon as this video started rolling, I began to root for something bad to happen to this guy. His voice is extremely grating. It

This Overpass Crashes Every Truck That Tries to Pass Beneath It

Good old Andy said he lived 50 feet from this bridge during his senior year. It’s a miracle he got anything done. Watching stuff crash

That Terrifying Moment an Airplane Hits Your Car While It’s Trying to Land

I'd have completely lost it if I were driving that car. And by "it" I of course mean my mind and every bit of human

And This is Why You Don’t Try to Cook a Squirrel With a Blowtorch

I live in constant fear that one of my neighbors is going to do something stupid and kill me as I lounge on my couch

German Athletics Official Killed By Errant Javelin

This is just horrific.

Guy Riding Motorcycle Hits Deer Dead On

F*ck suicidal deer. And f*ck deer in general. I hate 'em and I can't stand 'em! Bunch of selfish pricks that can't kill themselves without

Watch the World’s Worst Driver Get Into 3 Accidents in 90 Seconds

There is no reason entering this parking garage should have been difficult, but the World’s Worst Driver somehow parlayed the opportunity into three accidents in

Drunken Man Unharmed After He’s Run Over by 26 Rail Cars

It’s not unusual to feel like you’ve been hit by a train after a night of heavy drinking. One Alberta man actually did get hit

University of Texas Student Hit By Bus, Gives Zero F*cks

When you wake up hungover tomorrow and feel like you’ve been hit by a bus, then you’ll have a little compassion for University

PSA: Horses Haven’t Evolved, Will Still Kick You in the Face If You Stand Behind Them

When will people learn that wild animals (and cats) are not to be trusted? You don't befriend a lion; you don't use tigers

Alabama Has Ruined Its BCS Trophy

All last year, the Alabama football team fought to hoist the Waterford Crystal trophy awarded to the national champions. A season of brilliant play earned

Waiter Spills Beer All Over German Chancellor Angela Merkel

The first inclination here is to blame the waiter for dumping beer on his country’s leader. After all, that’s really not something a

Motorcyclist Injured in Circus Stunt Vows to Ride Again

Motorcross athlete Josh Headford was attempting a stunt Sunday during the Shrine Circus in Saginaw, Michigan when his bike hit a cable, sending

This Is What a Modern-Day Titanic Looks Like

Three people are dead and at least 50 more are still unaccounted for after a luxury cruise liner carrying more than 4,200 people ran