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Important: “12 Years a Slave” Director Steve McQueen Claps Like Les Miles

Who claps like that?

The Academy Awards Nominees Swag Bag Had $85,000 Worth of Useless Shit in It

Because everyone wants $16,000 worth of hair transplant treatment.

Jared Leto Also Won Last Night for Best Oscars Photobomb

Cue the donkey sounds.

The Oscars Pizza Man is the Hero We Need Right Now

This guy.

‘Movie: The Movie’—Jimmy Kimmel Parodies Every Movie Ever Made

I'm on my way to mandatory jury duty for the next few days -- God willing they'll deem me unfit to determine a

Here’s Our Official 2012 Oscars Drinking Game

The granddaddy of all awards shows, the Academy Awards, is Sunday night. It's a very classy affair, what with the black ties and commitment to

‘Hugo,’ ‘Artist’ Lead Oscar Nominations; Clooney and Pitt Vie for Best Actor

The Oscar nominations are out and "Hugo" and "The Artist" are leading the way with 11 and 10 each. OK, so they're not the most

‘King’s Speech,’ ‘True Grit,’ and ‘Social Network’ Lead Oscar Nominations

Back in December, before previewing all the upcoming end-of-2010 movies, I gave my first shot at guessing the 10 films that would garner

The 23 Movies Worth Seeing in December, Plus the 20 Early Contenders for Best Picture

December is upon us, which means that the holiday movie season is hitting full peak and the Oscar season is starting to get feisty. As

The 20 New Movies Worth Checking Out in October

"The Social Network" finally opens in theaters across the country tonight, and with critics hailing the Facebook flick as the movie of the year —