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‘The Lego Movie’ Director Had A Perfect Response To His Film’s Oscars Snub


In case you missed it the Academy Award nominations came out this morning and while "Dick Poop" got his well-deserved nod for some reason The Lego Movie was nowhere to be found in the Best Animated Feature Film category.

swag bag

The Academy Awards Nominees Swag Bag Had $85,000 Worth of Useless Shit in It


Because everyone wants $16,000 worth of hair transplant treatment.


Regular people reenacting scenes from Oscar-nominated movies should win awards


There are a lot of Academy Award-nominated films this year, nine in total.

when are the Oscars

86th Annual Academy Awards nominations – ‘American Hustle’ all over the place


The 86th Annual Academy Awards nominations came out this morning and they look similar to the nominations we saw at the Golden Globes with a couple of surprises and nine total films up for Best Picture this year.


People who have surprisingly never won an Oscar


When you try to think of all the great actors and actresses who have won Oscars, we're betting many of these names come to mind.

Sandra Bullock Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence falls, Renee Zellweger is drunk: Oscars best and worst moments


Jennifer Lawrence eats it but wins anyway, Daniel Day-Lewis is a class act and more.

Tommy Lee Jones

Who wins the Oscar for best GIF?


Who wins the 2013 Academy Award for best GIF.

Oscars conspiracy theories

17 Academy Awards conspiracy theories


As is the case with, well, about anything, the Oscars are not without controversies.

Sports Movies

50 mind-blowing sports movie factoids


In honor of Sunday’s Academy Awards, let's celebrate our favorite sports movies with our favorite pastime: useless trivia.


‘Best Picture’ Oscar supercut gets you ready for Sunday


I haven't seen most of these movies, but I have seen Troll 2 84 times.

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