college life

Why Your Major’s Terrible: A Song


If you're a regular reader of Randall Munroe's XKCD.

Trey Parker

Trey Parker and Matt Stone Guest Lecture A NYU Freshman Writing Class


This isn't the type of thing we'd usually cover around here, but, f-it; Once upon a time I was an English major and now I currently write for a living (L.

is taking adderall cheating

Is Taking Unprescribed Adderall to Enhance Academic Performance Cheating?


My alma mater, Duke, sent out an email to all students last week detailing a significant change in the Community Standard, which is our version of the honor code.


College Infographic: When C-Students Suddenly Became A-Students


Are you really an "A" student or just a beneficiary of a watered-down grading system that over the decades has inflated grades more than most adult entertainment stars have inflated their b**bs.

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