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Aaron Rodgers and Matt Flynn Showed Up to the Packers Welcome Back Luncheon Dressed Like This

Not covered in denim is no way to go through life.

Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn Appear Pretty Happy to Be Kissing Each Other

Lip locking.

Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers Are Hooking Up

Famous people also need love.

‘I’m Not Gay,’ Says Aaron Rodgers, Which Can Only Mean One Thing…

He's straight. 

Was the NFL Player About to Come Out This Summer Aaron Rodgers?

In November, Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman wrote that over this summer, several NFL players were planning on coming out as gay. 

This Game-Winning Touchdown is Why The Packers Started Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers just won the NFC North in the Battle of Injured Quarterbacks Who Might Have Come Back Too Soon.

The Mustache Is BACK: Aaron Rodgers to Start for Green Bay Sunday

And just like that, Sunday's Green Bay-Chicago game just reached Game of the Year status. (I can exaggerate with the best of 'em.)

Who Says You Can’t Bro Home? Matt Flynn Signs With Packers

Quarterback-ravaged Green Bay has signed Matt Flynn.

Aaron Rodgers Went America All Over Everyone’s Ass

Aaron Rodgers loves football and burgers, so you know he’s all about America. The Green Bay Packers quarterback showed up to a team event yesterday

Aaron Rodgers Designed a Custom Burger, And it Looks Delicious

Aaron Rodgers had an interesting offseason. He appeared on The Office, had a terse back and forth with a former teammate, and found out his

15 Sexiest WAGs of the NFL Playoffs

This is the time of year every football fan in the world loathes, the end of the NFL season.

Last Night On ‘60 Minutes’ We Learned Aaron Rodgers Wishes He Wasn’t So Goddamn Small In Person

Somebody's got a complex! And his name is Aaron Rodgers.

‘If NFL QBs Were Facebook Friends’ Discusses the Midseason MVP Race, Tony Romo Being Terrible

Some more great stuff churned out from the dudes at Total Pro Sports. This week the NFL QBs set their sights on the league's ultimate

Aaron Rodgers Got an Unpleasant Facial from John Kuhn Yesterday

Serial touchdown poacher John Kuhn went after the Green Bay Packers’ most sacred cow yesterday when he bestowed a shaving cream pie upon the face

Bro Claims He Slept With an NFL Player’s Fiancé While on Spring Break and Other Goodness

So here's the story, Bros: We've been getting a ton of submissions so going forward this column is going to be on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Aaron Rodgers and Graham Harrell Join Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

Most NFL QBs spend their NFL playoff bye week chilling out, prepping for the big game. Aaron Rodgers and Graham Harrell, however, spent their joining

This Aaron Rodgers Tribute Song Might be the Aaron Rodgers of Tribute Songs

How quickly an entire town forgets, eh Brett Favre? Aaron is damn good though, isn't he? Probably didn't see that one coming when

In Aaron Rodgers Interview With the Golf Channel He Sings the Praises of Brett Favre

Um yeah... this interview with Brandel Chamblee on the Golf Channel was probably shot way before Brett complimented Rodgers on taking so long

You Can’t Find Enough Words to Describe Our Bro of the Week

Completely unrelated of anything below, the last four hours of my life have been worse than getting eye-socket f*cked by a ornery horse. Not that

In Which the American Mustache Institute Interviews Aaron Rodgers

Unless you harbor some deep-seeded abhorrence for Aaron Rodgers, or mustaches, this is a fine way to waste the next 7 minutes of

Not Even President Obama Wants Jay Cutler Playing for the Chicago Bears

Today President Obama hosted Green Bay Packers at the White House to congratulate them for winning the Super Bowl. With the usual Executive Branch pagentry,

Watch Michael Jordan, Aaron Rodgers, and Tony Romo Try to Hit a Golf Ball Off a Waist-High Tee

There is apparently some celebrity golf tournament going on this week. And on one of the tees, the players get to try and

Quarterbacks, Protesters, and Middle-Aged Men Vie For Bro of the Week

Last Friday, JoePa asked me if he could dazzle the f*ck out of you with his own version of the Bro of the Week column.

Aaron Rogers (of Iowa, Not Green Bay) Gets in Fight After Super Bowl; Vince Lombardi Arrested Too

Imagine having the same name as a famous NFL player, getting shit for it all year long, and then the guy wins the Super Bowl

The 9 Best Quarterback Matchups in Super Bowl History

While chicks and casual fans are busy debating which Super Bowl XLV team has better hair — although, actually, this Super Bowl has pretty epic

From the Gridiron to the Golden Globes, Bet on These Bros

Our Bro of the Week column aims to shine a light on those Bros who have been in the news this past week for one

Is Aaron Rodgers Really a Callous Douchebag Who Ignores Autograph Requests from Cancer Patients?

When it comes to professional athletes, I've always believed Aaron Rodgers to be a decent guy who likes to occasionally party with spicy brunette smoke

Searching the Amazon Rainforest for Our Bro of the Week

Time to gather the best of the best from the last week and count down to one victorious bastard, who will be crowned our Bro