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Be Very, Very Jealous Of This Instagram Picture of Aaron Rodgers With ‘Sloan’ From ‘Entourage’

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I don't know if Aaron Rodgers is dating Emmanuelle Chriqui -- the actress who plays "Sloan" in the greatest TV series of all time, Entourage, but this Instagram pic suggests they're pretty.

olivia munn

Aaron Rodgers Gave Olivia Munn A Special Ring But Not THE Special Ring


Anyone worrying about the healthiness of the Olivia Munn-Aaron Rodgers relationship can breathe a deep sigh of relief.


British Comedian Tom Wrigglesworth, An Aaron Rodgers Doppleganger, Met Aaron Rodgers


British comedian Tom Wrigglesworth bears an eerie likeness to Aaron Rodgers.

skip bayless

Professional Troll Skip Bayless Completely Unimpressed By Aaron Rodgers’ Game-Winning Drive


First Take is still on ESPN because, hey, what else are hospital television sets supposed to air when the remote is hopelessly loss.

smoking jay cutler

This Green Bay Packers’ Hand Signal Is A Tribute To Smoking Jay Cutler


The Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears are mortal enemies, but humor has the ability to break down all barriers.


Aaron Rodgers Has New State Farm Ad With Hans And Franz From ‘SNL’


The Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers had a rough time kicking off the 2014 NFL season last night against the Seattle Seahawks.

Richard Sherman

Aaron Rodgers Leaves Richard Sherman Hanging After Game


After a tough game vs the Seahawks on Thursday night it seems Aaron Rodgers wanted no part of what Richard Sherman was saying to him post game and even left Sherman hanging in the process.

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