‘Breaking Bad’ Contest Winner Meets Cast, Ends Up In Prison For Multi-Million Dollar Drug Ring


Ryan Carroll, 29, will serve two years in a Florida prison after police raided his house and found $1.

aaron paul

Want Jesse Pinkman To Scream ‘Yo, Bitch’ At You? Well, Now There’s An App For That!


Aaron Paul is most notable for an incredible stint on 'The Price Is Right', but he later went on to star in a 2002 music video for the band Korn.

breaking bad

Aaron Paul Goes Full Jesse Pinkman On Toys R’ Us For Pulling ‘Breaking Bad’ Figures


In case you missed it, a mom in Florida successfully lobbied for Toys R' Us to remove all the Breaking Bad action figures from their store shelves this week.

Breaking Bad

‘Breaking Bad’ scavenger hunt — Aaron Paul hides show memorabilia around LA


  Aaron Paul is even crazier than his character on Breaking Bad.

Evadean Lydecker Dailey

Aaron Paul invited the family of a boy with autism who was beaten to Disneyland


As if we needed any more proof that Aaron Paul is f-cking awesome now he went and invited Aaron Hill, a 16 year-old with autism who was beaten by another teenager, and his family to Disneyland.

Julia Louis Dreyfus

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are back in business in hilarious new video


And this time Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are doing something legal.

X Files

10 actors who were on ‘The X-Files’ before they became famous


It's been twelve or so years since The X-Files was last on tv, and looking back it's astonishing how many careers were launched from the sci-fi series.

Vanessa Hudgens

You won’t believe what celebrities are being paid to attend Coachella


Maybe even more surprising than what some celebrities are being paid to attend Coachella, is what some celebrities asked companies to pay them to attend the festival this weekend.

Michael Jackson

Aaron Paul Shares Insane Story About Taking Tequila Shots with Michael Jackson


Aaron Paul, the Prince of Brunei, and Michael Jackson, together in a library ripping tequila shots.

top gear

Aaron Paul Drove the Fastest Time in a Reasonably Priced Car on ‘Top Gear,’ Because Aaron Paul is a God


Paul may have had the advantage of recently filming a movie all about fast cars.

Super Bowl party photos

Ashley Sky, Jaclyn Swedberg, Aaron Paul and more rocked the Playboy Super Bowl party


If you're going to attend a Super Bowl party in New York, the one filled with Playboy models should probably be high on your list.


Aaron Paul once did shots with Michael Jackson at a Prince of Brunei birthday party


We're not sure if Aaron Paul actually did drink champagne all day long before the Golden Globes yesterday as he claimed he would, but even if he did it pales in comparison to his story about doing shots with Michael Jackson at the Prince of Brunei’s 25th birthday.

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