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Aaron Paul Went On Jimmy Kimmel Last Night To Talk About How He Was Born On A Bathroom Floor

No better place for a birthing...except maybe, y'know, a hospital.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are Back Together And Really Creeping Out Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Back together ... at last?

Aaron Paul Photobombed a Couple’s Selfie at Coachella, Because Aaron Paul Is Awesome

Jesse Pinkman: Never change.

Aaron Paul Shares Insane Story About Taking Tequila Shots with Michael Jackson

Aaron Paul, the Prince of Brunei, and Michael Jackson, together in a library ripping tequila shots.

Aaron Paul Drove the Fastest Time in a Reasonably Priced Car on ‘Top Gear,’ Because Aaron Paul is a God

Paul may have had the advantage of recently filming a movie all about fast cars. But regardless, his lap destroys James Blunt and the other

Aaron Paul Gives Us One Last ‘Yeah, Bitch’ for the Road

Breaking Bad is over, but its victory lap has just begun. The Hollywood Foreign Press, in its infinite wisdom, named the show best television drama.

Aaron Paul Repeatedly Calls Virginia Football Coach Mike London a Bitch

Virginia Tech graduate Mehul Sanghani donated $500 to an anti-bullying organization. In exchange, he got this video of Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul calling Virginia football

In One Video, David Blaine Blows Away Kanye West, Will Smith, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul

A lot of David Blaine videos have been making the rounds today from his Real or Magic special last night.

Here’s the First Full-Length Trailer for Aaron Paul’s ‘Need for Speed’

Need for Speed's first full-length trailer delivers, in spades, the classic Jesse Pinkman ha-HA laugh—but it feels a little... depressing this time around. Maybe it's Paul being forced

David Blaine Performs Card Trick on Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, Changes Their Worlds Forever

Magician David Blaine has a special coming up on ABC in which he performs illusions for celebrities. This may not sound like compelling television to

Aaron Paul Posts Tremendous Picture of Bryan Cranston (as Walter White) on Instagram

Aaron Paul posted this pic to his Instagram (@glassofwhiskey) last night with the caption "I miss this man." Don't we all. (Also, it looks like the

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Ask Aaron Paul Three Ridiculous Questions

Jimmy Kimmel recently asked Aaron Paul three appropriately ridiculous questions, and Jesse Pinkman was game, like always.

‘Saturday Night Live’ Makes Fun of ‘Girls,’ Plus Ex-Adult Stars and More Aaron Paul Awesomeness

Saturday Night Live kicked off its 39th season with one of its most beloved female alumni, Tina Fey, as the host. This season marks a bit of a

‘Breaking Bad’ Apparently Ends With a Weird Threesome

Boy, if this actually happens, there are going to be some pretty distraught people. Think of all the senseless killing and emotional strife that could

Aaron Paul Awesomely Autographs the Napkin of His Waiter at Carrabba’s

Reason #54324 Aaron Paul is awesome. After dining at a Carrabba’s in Beaumont, TX, Aaron Paul left this amazing note on a napkin for his

Here’s Aaron Paul’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Audition

Aaron Paul has proven himself to be one hell of an actor. And his Breaking Bad life all began here, at his audition.

Aaron Paul Reveals How ‘Breaking Bad’ Ends

The seventh-to-last Breaking Bad episode will air in just a few short hours. Tension is running high and soon, yes, soon, we’ll know more about

Which Breaking Bad Characters Are Going to Die?

With one of the most epic, violent series' in television history reaching its aggressive tipping point, we thought we'd take a

Here Is a Wonderful ‘Breaking Bad’ Jesse Pinkman ‘Bitch’ Compilation

Our favorite meth dealer indeed. 

Breaking Bad Recap Season 5, Episode 8: ‘Gliding Over All’

As Heisenberg fades back to reality, reality hits Walter White. HARD.

Breaking Bad Recap Season 5, Episode 6: ‘Buyout’

If last week’s hour ended with a BANG, this week’s installment packed round after round of emotionally ruthless heat. ‘Buyout,’ a brilliantly paced, versatile, and

Breaking Bad Recap Season 5, Episode 5: ‘Dead Freight’

We’re hitting the stretch run now, and BOY OH BOY IS SH*T GOING DOWN. For a show that’s always thrown morality out the window, tonight

Before He Was Jesse Pinkman, Aaron Paul Was A Crazy Contestant on ‘The Price is Right’

Not to show-up Happy Gilmore, but it appears as if the Price is Right. BITCH. 

Breaking Bad Recap Season 5, Episode 1: ‘Live Free or Die’

Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils. -American General John Stark, 1809