aaron hernandez

Aaron Hernandez Won’t Be Allowed To Watch The Super Bowl


If you're sitting there wondering to yourself, "hey, I wonder if former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez will be allowed to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday," you can stop wondering.

Oscar Pistorius murder

Who topped Google’s list of most searched athletes?


Liars, cheaters, murderers, druggies and a whole lot of controversy surround Google's 2013 list of most searched athletes.

worst NFL criminals

9 of the biggest criminals in NFL history


With Aaron Hernandez leading the charge, the NFL has become more like a game of Grand Theft Auto than a gentlemanly sporting endeavor.

Aaron Hernandez Rolling Stones

‘Rolling Stone’ article on Aaron Hernandez makes us wonder: Was he ever drug tested by the NFL?


The bizarre story of Aaron Hernandez took another wild turn last night with allegations of PCP use in a Rolling Stones exclusive.


Aaron Hernandez Wrote ANOTHER Letter From Jail…


"Thanks for the site and sry [sic] I can't check site [sic] there is no internet in jail lol.

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