Oscar Pistorius murder

Who topped Google’s list of most searched athletes?


Liars, cheaters, murderers, druggies and a whole lot of controversy surround Google's 2013 list of most searched athletes.

worst NFL criminals

9 of the biggest criminals in NFL history


With Aaron Hernandez leading the charge, the NFL has become more like a game of Grand Theft Auto than a gentlemanly sporting endeavor.

Aaron Hernandez Rolling Stones

‘Rolling Stone’ article on Aaron Hernandez makes us wonder: Was he ever drug tested by the NFL?


The bizarre story of Aaron Hernandez took another wild turn last night with allegations of PCP use in a Rolling Stones exclusive.


Aaron Hernandez Wrote ANOTHER Letter From Jail…


"Thanks for the site and sry [sic] I can't check site [sic] there is no internet in jail lol.

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