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A-Rod Likes to Jack Off to Skype Sessions of Famous Musicians Getting Head

This is known as a "fetish."

Recent A-Rod Photos Proves Someone Needs To Hand Him a 162 Day Ban On Buffets

A-Rod was nice enough to stop and take a fan pic recently because seriously what else does he have to do all day? Looks like

Mark Teixeira Took a Pretty Hard Jab at A-Rod During a Charity Event

Baseball player and clearly the greatest Yankee of all-time, Mark Teixeira, doesn't seem to be thrilled with how A-Rod is upholding the "Yankee Tradition." He delivered

10 Pictures and Video of Kyna Treacy, the Australian Bikini Model A-Rod Hit on Mid-Game

New York fans have been in a tizzy the past couple of days over Alex Rodriguez's decision to flirt with two girls sitting behind the