Alex Rodriguez

Recent A-Rod Photos Proves Someone Needs To Hand Him a 162 Day Ban On Buffets


A-Rod was nice enough to stop and take a fan pic recently because seriously what else does he have to do all day.

Nelson Mandela

Detroit news station confuses Nelson Mandela with A-Rod, is stupidest station ever


Nelson Mandela is possibly the greatest political figure of our generation.

Alex Rodriguez

In defense of A-Rod getting hookers


We all agree that A-Rod is a giant douchebag right.


Mark Teixeira Took a Pretty Hard Jab at A-Rod During a Charity Event


Baseball player and clearly the greatest Yankee of all-time, Mark Teixeira, doesn't seem to be thrilled with how A-Rod is upholding the "Yankee Tradition.

Alex Rodriguez video

Alex Rodriguez is ‘the best around’ says hilarious montage


This Alex Rodriguez lowlight reel is set to Joe Esposito's "You're The Best Around.

Joe Girardi

Derek Jeter, Joe Girardi were unimpressed with A-Rod’s hit


Alex Rodriguez is still playing, still enjoying himself and still being a douchebag despite his suspension from baseball.

kyna treacy bikini model

10 Pictures and Video of Kyna Treacy, the Australian Bikini Model A-Rod Hit on Mid-Game


New York fans have been in a tizzy the past couple of days over Alex Rodriguez's decision to flirt with two girls sitting behind the Yankees during after the third baseman was pulled in the 8th inning of Game One of the ALCS.

Yankees hottie

Is this the hottie A-Rod passed notes to during Game 1?


Despite A-Rod's current fling with former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson, he's still on the prowl for more ladies.

Super Bowl

A-Rod Ticked About Super Bowl Popcorn Clip with Cameron Diaz


Two days ago a gazillion people around the world saw A-Rod being fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz.

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