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50 Cent Calls Rick Ross Gay, Ross Says He’s Irrelevant

Over the weekend, 50 Cent uploaded an image of Diddy, Steve Stoute, and Rick Ross onto his Instagram with the caption, "I ain't saying nothing,

50 Cent Seems Like a Terrific Father

16 years ago, 50 Cent had a baby by Shaniqua Tompkins, and he did not write the check before the baby came, who the f*ck cares,

Here’s the Video for 50 Cent’s ‘We Up,’ ft. Kendrick Lamar

Curtis Jackson may no longer have to die trying to get rich, but that doesn't mean he's not pulling out all the stops for his

The 10 Best Songs on 50 Cent’s Classic ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’

Today marks the 10th anniversary of 50 Cent's "Get Rich or Die Tryin'." And say what you will about the guy's career now, but

50 Cent Drops Music Video for ‘Major Distribution’ with Snoop Dogg and Young Jeezy

50 Cent's new album, "Street King Immortal," is scheduled for release this spring. In anticipation of the drop, Fiddy is firing up the buzz machine

50 Cent is Giving Tips on How to Stop Masturbating on Twitter

50 Cent seems to have undergone a spiritual conversion on Twitter today, and you should know about it.

‘How to Make Money Selling Drugs’ Trailer, Ft. 50 Cent, Hits the (Internet) Streets

This not only looks really dope, but it looks like it's arguing for something greater. Economic hardship, failings of post-industrial America, class wars--all of it

The 20 Richest Rappers Alive

Back in June, I questioned Celebrity Net Worth's ranking of the 30 richest DJs in the world. Now the site is back with

Download 50 Cent’s ‘The Lost Tape’ Mixtape

Pretty awesome new download from 50 Cent. Today he dropped "The Lost Tape," a 15-track project that marks his Gangsta Grillz mixtape debut. All sorts

Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne Join Floyd Mayweather’s Entourage for Title Fight

Say what you want about polarizing boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr., you'd have to agree that he knows how to make an entrance. 

Unfortunately, Birdman Did Not Lose $5 Million Yesterday

Remember that $5 million bet YMCMB general Birdman was trying to put up on Tom Brady and the Pats last week? Well, lucky

Birdman, 50 Cent Square Off on Super Bowl Bets

It looks like Birdman & 50 Cent have found themselves in a little pissing contest over Super Bowl bets. Birdman announced Monday that he's wagering

50 Cent Drops New Mixtape, ‘The Big 10’

The music train continues to roll on this huge Friday afternoon, with 50 Cent earlier today releasing his new free mixtape, “The Big 10.” It's

50 Cent, Mike Tyson, and Floyd Mayweather Spoof ‘The Hangover’ In This ‘Street King’ Commercial

50 Cent has a new charity/energy drink brand to help feed impoverished children in Africa. It's called "Street King" and proceeds

The Smithsonian’s Fake ‘Historically Hardc*re’ Advertising Campaign is All Kinds of Awesome

It's been over a decade since Curtis Jackson a.k.a. rapper 50 Cent got shot in the face. As

PHOTOS: 50 Cent as Cancer Patient in ‘Things Fall Apart’

50 Cent Twitpic

Last May, we shared with you photos that 50 Cent Tweeted out from inside his

VIDEO: Grandma Reads 50 Cent’s Tweets

Here's a delightful holiday video of a grandmother reading 50 Cents' Tweets. Because nothing says "Happy Holidays" like

50 Cent’s Wild Tweets Call Out Tiger Woods, Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West, Ochocinco, Pregnant Granny

We don't follow 50 Cent on Twitter, but a Tweet just now by @OGOchocinco made us wonder if