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32 Photos of Bros Getting Wasted on the 4th of July

So you got wasted, eh? Day drinking-a-palooza pics here...

College Kids Discuss Independence Day, Make Giant Asses Out Of Themselves

Hey everyone, how was your 4th of July? Did you go big or go home? Did you rock out hard in your Back to Back

Your Ultimate 4th of July Day Drinking Playlist

Because there can just never be too much 'MERICA.

Fourth of July Drinking Games: Watch Out for Those ‘Landmines’

I love the drinking game Landmines because there is just as much strategy involved as there is drinking. It’s basically the Risk of drinking games.

Fourth of July Drinking Games: Thunderball, for When Beer Pong Isn’t Tough Enough

As much as I love a game of Landmines, Wizard Sticks, or good 'ol Beer Pong, sometimes I want to be a little less

43 Pics of Fratstars Celebrating Independence Day, Freedom, and ‘MERICA

4th of July... Frat as f*ck... 

Top 5 Fourth Of July Fails

Don't let this be you...

50 Great Facts About America’s 50 States

Right in time for the 4th of July. Had to be a fortunate coincidence...

10 Games to Play at Your 4th of July Party

It’s America’s 237th birthday, which means there’s 237 ways to celebrate the founding of our great nation.

Frat Dude Crushes Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

BroBible has sent me to Santa Themed Bar Crawls, Porno Awards, and Horse Races. A couple of weeks ago they sent me

This Close-Up Video of the San Diego Fireworks Fiasco Is INSANE

Rockets red glare indeed. This is freakin' awesome. 

Happy 4th of July from BroBible!

Our favorite holiday of the year has finally arrived. Happy Fourth of July, Bros. In the name of Uncle Sam and all things patriotic, we'll

Dom Mazzetti vs. the 4th of July

Dom's back, and this time he gives a history lesson on the 4th of July that should make your history professor reconsider his lecture notes.

Would You Buy One of These American Flag Pinnies?

There's just something about summer that screams patriotism. Maybe it's the fresh smell of freedom in the air at a summer BBQ or the taste