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NaVorro Bowman’s Knee Bends In a Way It’s Not Supposed to Bend In Very Brutal Injury

Absolutely brutal. Bowman is one classy, stand-up dude, too. Hate to see someone get taken out of the game like this with a painful injury

Here Are the Two Weirdest Seahaws Fans at Today’s Seahawks-49ers NFC Championship Game

The list of notable people at today's Seahawks-49ers game goes on and on and on: Dr. Dre, Dave Matthews, Ann Wilson.... fucking Macklemore. But... What th....

49ers Fan Sets Things Straight With Another Instagram Comparison Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson

Yesterday, someone (probably a Seahawks fan or 49ers hater) created a side-by-side of Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson's Instagram accounts. The intent was clear: make Wilson look

Society Reaches New High Point as Texans, 49ers Fans Brawl in Stands

If you're looking for some intellectual stimulation for your Good Will Hunting-esque scholarly pursuits, look no further.

49ers Fan Rants About Kyle Williams

Here's one rather upset 49ers fan who says "Bro" over 6,000 times in his rant about Kyle Williams horrible play. His abuse of

The San Francisco 49ers Officially Win For Having The Dumpiest Cheerleader in the NFL

Jim Harbaugh, or someone in a postion of power, needs to get a handle on things because the 49ers' organization, as a whole, is in

VIDEO: Ted Ginn Attempts to Stuff a Towel in Troy Smith’s Mouth

According to some reports, Mike Singletary's position as 49ers head coach is in jeopardy following today's loss to St. Louis. Here's a video of 49ers