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Medical Marijuana Is Probably Coming Soon to New York State

Marijuana proponents believe that a combination of widespread public acceptance...

People Are Still Buying Pot from Drug Dealers in Colorado

Near the Denver airport is a store that has been called the "Costco of weed." It's expanding this year to 40,000 square feet of space;

University of Colorado Applications Are Up 33% This Year; We Wonder Why!

24 days after marijuana was legalized in the state of Colorado, CU-Boulder announced a 33% rise in freshman applications to the school. The number includes a 43%

This Is What It Looks Like When You Buy Legal Weed in Colorado

Admit it, you're curious. What does a legal recreational drug purchase looks like?  If you're in Colorado, you probably know. Sales topped $1 million in one day.

A Friendly Holiday Warning: You Still Can’t Smoke Weed Outdoors in Colorado

Drug busts have never been higher in Colorado, a state which recently legalized the use of recreational marijuana.

Legal Marijuana is Coming to Uruguay for Only $1 Per Gram

In an effort to undercut illegal drug dealers, Uruguay plans to sell legal marijuana for only $1 per gram in the second half of 2014. The

Ricky Williams Says Smoking Weed Turned Him Into Popeye

In a recent interview with Campus Insiders, Bonnie Bernstein quizzed the new running backs coach at Texas' University of Incarnate Word, Ricky Williams, about pot. Because you can't interview Ricky

Alright, You Washington and Colorado Potheads: You Can Keep Your Legal Weed

Colorado and Washington may have legalized weed back in November—hell, the Seattle PD now has snack recommendations for its city's stoners—but there remained one major

You Can Now Buy the Hempfest Doritos Handed Out by the Seattle PD

On Saturday, at the annual weed celebration Hempfest, the Seattle Police Department handed out Doritos inscribed with a hilarious pro-pot, pro-safety message. Those Doritos have

Seattle Police Hand Out Doritos with Hilarious Message to Stoners

Saturday morning in Seattle dawned with a haze that didn't originate in Puget Sound. It was the start of Hempfest, the city's annual stoner celebration,

Watch Sanjay Gupta and CNN’s Marijuana-Endorsing Documentary, ‘Weed’

You read last week that CNN's Sanjay Gupta had changed his tune about medical marijuana. Now watch the documentary that did it.

CNN’s Sanjay Gupta: Americans ‘Terribly and Systematically Misled’ About Weed

Sanjay Gupta has been CNN's go-to "health guy" for years, but people tend to not treat him like a doctor who makes his bones on TV.

The Cast of ‘This is the End’ Wishes All You Stoners a Happy 4/20

Smoke it if you got it, right? Well, we all know these hollywood stoners got it, and they are definitely going to smoke it. Especially

A Funny Video About Bros Having a Marijuana Intervention

Why would a Bro EVER make the horrible decision to not smoke pot? That's the question High Times asks in their latest YouTube gem. "We

Police Chief Eats Daughter’s Entire Weed Cake, Goes Hilariously Nuts

This is why marijuana edibles and marijuana itself should be classified as two TOTALLY DIFFERENT drugs. You don't go this nuts after smoking pot. 

New York Governor Wants State to Have Decriminalized Pot in 2013

2012 was a wild year for all you out there who enjoy the occasional choom gang session (i.e. 90% of you). Medical marijuana dispensaries became

Hey Guys, Can You Stop Giving Your Classmates Weed Brownies?

Another day, another class doped by weed edibles. Via the Daily Mail:

10 Images from Washington’s First Day with Legalized Marijuana

At midnight on Dec. 6, marijuana was officially legalized in the state of Washington. This was a big deal, and the occasion merited a celebration,