Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill Lost a Bet to Channing Tatum, Refuses to Pay the X-Rated Debt


Never accept a bet whereby if you lose you have to kiss a dick tip and if you win all you get is not having to kiss a dick tip.


Johnny Depp introduces everyone to two men who ‘know a whole lot about AIDS’


Johnny Depp doesn't know a whole lot about AIDS -- but his friends do.


This guy’s Facebook passion for ’21 Jump Street’ is contagious


Is 21 Jump Street one of the top 5 movies ever.


In Honor of ‘21 Jump Street,’ the 50 Funniest Movie Guy Duos of All Time


The new "21 Jump Street" comes out on March 16, starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.

Ice Cube

21 Jump Street: Capt. Dickson Interview


The highly anticipated "21 Jump Street" is coming out in 4 weeks and Capt.

movie trailers

Watch the Red Band Trailer for ‘21 Jump Street’


If you actually remember watching Johnny Depp's sitcom, "21 Jump Street," I have one thing to say to you: Man, you're old.

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