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Chances are you’ve dated at least a few of these movie character personality types.

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In honor of Buzzfeed's great—yet a bit female-skewed—ranking of your twenties, writer Tolly Taylor set out to uncover which years are the best of a bro's

10 Things That Will Automatically Make A 20-Something Cool

Being cool in your 20s is not very hard. That is because us 20-somethings are cool for the pure fact that we are in our

How To Handle a Quarter Life Crisis At 22

Being in your 20s is the time when your college “fantasy” world and the real world, the stereotypical 9-5 job, coincide. In a bad way.

Read Donald Glover’s #Deep Instagram Confessional That Every 20-Something Can Relate To

Writing on stationary from a Marriott Residence Inn, Donald Glover a.k.a Childish Gambino revealed his innermost fears, doubts, regrets, and feelings. The rapper, who will soon release his second album, Because the Internet, blasted

10 Reasons Why Parties Are Way Better AFTER College

College parties are the shit. But you know what sucks? All the shit associated with college parties. 

7 Absolutely True Ways Guys Change from College to Their Mid-20s: A Response

This Monday, BroBible published a hilariously true article about how girls change from college to their mid-20s. While the majority of the article is true,