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Argentina Fan Ends the World Cup with a Final ‘Fuck Her Right in the Pussy’ Videobomb

You think we need one more? You think we need one more.

Two German Players Took a Post-World Cup Championship Selfie


The 10 Best Flops of the 2014 World Cup

Almost too many to rank, really.

Mario Götze Scored an Absolute Beaut of a Goal to Win the World Cup

His control was fantastic.

Who Needs Stoppage Time? North Korea Already Won the World Cup (According to North Korea)

They're good.

Pornhub Asks Users to Stop Uploading Brazil v. Germany Game Highlights To Its Public Humiliation Category

To be fair, Brazilians are extremely hot.

Tim Howard’s Girlfriend, Sara McLean, is HOT

Hi, Sara.

‘Chaos In The Streets After USA’s World Cup Loss’

We need to keep our composure here.

Warren Sapp Stiffed a Waitress on a $69 Bar Tab, Left Weird Ass Note on Receipt (UPDATE)

For Christ's sakes, start tipping people, Warren.

Someone Unearthed U.S. Goalie Tim Howard’s High School Yearbook Quote, It’s Obviously Fantastic

As yearbook quotes go, this one is prettay, prettay good.

Here’s The Stoppage Time Goal Greece Scored to Tie Costa Rica

Gyros for everyone

5 People Who Are Ruining the World Cup For Everyone

Some people, ya know?

Hulk Hogan Delivered the Most Hulk Hogan Pump-Up Speech for the USA -Germany World Cup Match Today

"Hangin' and bangin'" that's how Hulk Hogan rolls.

Some Genius Made a Pac-Man Game Using Luis Suarez

The Internet just being the Internet, doing Internet things, turning Luis Suarez into Pac-Man and shit.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Watches the World Cup in NYC Bars, Pooping on Soccer Ensues

It's almost as exciting to watch as women's golf.

Here’s Is Cristiano Ronaldo Driving a Dagger Into the Heart of America

I can’t even really speak right now. Fucking soccer. 30 seconds left and Portugal just threw a dagger in the […]

Chilean Porn Star Marlen Doll Had 12 Straight Hours of Sex With Strangers To Celebrate Chile’s World Cup Victory

That's gotta hurt!

Leonardo DiCaprio and 20 of His Friends are at the World Cup, This Is the Gigantic Super Yacht That Took Them There

They're officially NOT going to need a bigger boat.

Two Girls, One World Cup: Revisit an Internet Classic

Are you ready for the 2014 World Cup, Internet?

What Countries Will Restrict Their Players’ Sexual Activities This World Cup?

It takes away from the focus.

Shakira’s Unofficial World Cup Jam Is the Tits

Get it?

ESPN’s New 2014 World Cup Ad Is American as FUCK

Oh hell yes.

The 2014 Official World Cup Anthem Is Here and Is Heavy on the Pitbull

It's almost soccer time!

Nike’s New World Cup Ad Will Have You Counting Down the Days

What is it about ads and the World Cup?

These World Cup Jersey Redesigns Are Sick

Today marks just 100 days until the 2014 World Cup gets underway in Brazil, with the host country taking on […]

Important! Brazilian Hookers Are Learning English Before the 2014 World Cup

You have to show some respect to the Rio streetwalkers—they're working hard for their money. I'm not sure we would expect America's women of the