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The Academy Awards Nominees Swag Bag Had $85,000 Worth of Useless Shit in It

Because everyone wants $16,000 worth of hair transplant treatment.

Jared Leto Also Won Last Night for Best Oscars Photobomb

Cue the donkey sounds.

Epic GIF of Bradley Cooper Checking Out Jennifer Lawrence’s Boobs at the Oscars

This might make things awkward the next time Bradley Cooper works with Jennifer Lawrence.

Ellen Takes the Most Insane Selfie of All Time

  So this happened. It’s probably going to be the most RT’d thing in Twitter history. Poor Jared Leto. Also, Jennifer […]

‘Best Nude Scene,’ ‘Most Social Media Buzz,’ and Other Oscars We’ve Decided to Give Out

I will indeed be picking winners, but winners of fake categories that I made up and that don't exist.

Who Will Win at the Oscars—and Who Should Win

I’m not quite sure how much forethought went into Eddie Vedder’s acceptance speech after being nominated for “Best Hard Rock […]