Ellen DeGeneres oscars tweet

Ellen doesn’t own the rights to her epic Oscars selfie; guess who does?


Ellen DeGeneres may own the record for the most retweeted tweet of all time, but she doesn't own the rights to the photo that she tweeted.

swag bag

The Academy Awards Nominees Swag Bag Had $85,000 Worth of Useless Shit in It


Because everyone wants $16,000 worth of hair transplant treatment.

Russian babes

Irina Shayk pretty much blew up Instagram last night with her hot Oscars party pics


Irina Shayk made the Oscars party rounds last night, visiting Elton John's party and the Vanity Fair shindig, and damn, did she look good.

Oscars 2014

Let’s assess the winners and losers in Ellen’s epic ‘Oscars selfie’ photo


Ellen's "Oscar's selfie" won the night but who really came out the "winner" in the photo.


Cate Blanchett also won her post-Oscars press conference by dropping a sweet F-bomb


Last night when reminded that she became the first Australian actor to win two or more Academy Awards, Cate Blanchett proceeded to drop an F-bomb on the reporter, immediately scoring large points in our book.

slave takes top prize headline

Questionable Oscars headline using the word ‘slave’ of the day


As Don Cheadle so cleverly pointed out late last night, when creating an Oscars headline involving the word "slave" featuring a photo of a black woman you might want to choose your words a bit more carefully.

Tara Lipinski

2014 Oscars winners list and the hot red carpet photos


The 86th Academy Awards is officially in the books.


Epic GIF of Bradley Cooper Checking Out Jennifer Lawrence’s Boobs at the Oscars


This might make things awkward the next time Bradley Cooper works with Jennifer Lawrence.

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