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Here’s That Emotional Bode Miller Interview Everyone Hates NBC For

NBC is catching a whole HEAP-A-SHIT for this Bode Miller interview after the American skier won the bronze medal in […]

Let’s All Enjoy This Russian TV Announcer React To T.J. Oshie’s Shootout Goal

America is still celebrating the Team USA win and T.J. Oshie’s shootout goal this morning against Russia at the 2014 […]

10 Must-Have Patriotic Articles of Clothing

The Olympics are in full swing, so what better time to stock up on your patriotic garb than now? Whether […]

Norwegian Speed Skater Takes Best Olympic Photo So Far

Havard Bokko is a speed skater. Speed skating, those tight outfits and a ton of leg rubbing can get a […]

Russia Made an Olympic Welcome Video For All the Homosexuals

Very Sentiment. Such Russia. Much Homosexuality. So Putin.

FIRE IN THE HOLE: The Russian Women’s Curling Team Has a Few Hotties

Sochi might be a nightmare for visitors/everyone, but the Russian woman’s curling team has a few hot babes, you guys. […]