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Ed Helms Gave Hilarious Commencement Speech at Cornell University, the School He Once Fictitiously Attended

The Nard Dog comes home!

Navy Seal Gives Incredible Commencement Speech at University Of Texas

Naval Admiral William H. McRaven gave the commencement address over the weekend at University of Texas, Austin. And shit, was it good.

Peyton Manning Gave Tremendous Commencement Speech at UVA, Threw Footballs to Graduating Seniors

Manning was chosen for the honor because his wife, Ashley, graduated from UVA in 1997. Manning

Jay Bilas Gave the Trillest Commencement Speech of This Graduation Season

Jay Bilas is a Charlotte local—in fact, he still practices law there—and hometown college Queens University invited him to give its commencement speech.

Howard University Dropout Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Gave the 2014 Commencement Speech at Howard University

“Only this family could take one of its sons who already had three name changes and give him a fourth — Dr. Sean Combs.”