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Dom Mazzetti vs. 2012

Dom Mazzetti had quite the 2012, so he made an 11-minute highlight reel featuring a lot of one-liners. 

Here’s a Very Cool Video of 2012 Being Retold Exclusively Through Twitter

Tough to break the originality plane on these sorts of things, but this one is definitely pretty outside the box. Youtuber Jeremiah JW scoured through

Bored? Check Out Part 2 of the Best News Bloopers of 2012

Can you possibly stomach anymore "best of 2012" posts? We think you can. Part 1 is here. 

Our 10 Most Popular Posts About Hot Girls in 2012

As we prepare to close out 2012, let's take a look back at our most popular posts about one of our favorite subjects: Hot chicks. 

The Best Table Tennis Shots of 2012

Oh, what? You thought table tennis was boring and didn't warrant a yearly "best of" highlight reel? Psssshhhh... Think again. These shots are absolutely ridiculous.

JibJab’s Year in Review Is Hilarious As Usual

Call me old-fashioned, but I miss the early JibJab videos: 2004's "This Land" ("You're a UN pussy... And yes, it's true that I KICK ASS!");

The 25 Best Mixtapes of 2012: Top 5

Click here to go back to the beginning... 

‘2012: What Brought Us Together’ Is Perhaps the Ultimate YouTube Year-In-Review

Chills. Brilliant work, Jean-Louis Nguyen. Keep being awesome Internet. 

The 30 Most Viral Letters and Notes of 2012

We love it when our readers send us notes, letters, and e-mails. Usually it's from a downstairs neighbor who's been up all night after an intense

Relive the Year That Was in Movies with This Tremendous ‘Filmography 2012’ Mashup

One of the better movie years in recent memory. What better way to honor it with this remarkable seven-minute gem of a compilation?

Google Zeitgeist 2012 Is a Spine-Tingling Tribute to the Past Year

Google does this "Zeitgeist" thing every year, and it's pretty cool. The company takes the trillions of searches the engine processed over the year, creating

Here Are All the Best Supercuts of 2012

What did we do before supercuts? Paying attention for a prolonged period of time must have just been awful. Thank God we live in a

The 10 Best Hip-Hop Albums of the Year

This was a great year for rap. Let's celebrate it!

The 50 Best EDM Songs of 2012

Before everyone starts whining and rambling, saying “F*ck EDM” and “You missed so many good tracks,” etc etc, realize that this is a list for

The 10 Best College Stories and Videos of 2012

We wrote a lot about college stuff this year. Here are some of our favorite stories and videos.

Here Are the 9 Best Fan Fights of the Year

Historians will agree that 2012 was NOT the year sports fans stopped acting like idiots and fighting each other. In fact, throwing a few haymakers