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The 2012 USA Basketball Team Has a Blooper Reel, and It’s Tremendous

Team USA topped Spain 107-100 to win the gold medal a couple of weeks ago (then celebrated in style), but don't fear—they haven't left us.

‘Merica, Baby: United States Wins Medal Count

The basketball final settles it—it's been a helluva successful Olympics for the United States.

Holy Sh*t: Team USA Just Won by 83 Points

Did anyone else get to watch this? Even if the U.S. rolls and wins a gold medal next week, this will be the game they

Here’s Our Official 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony Drinking Game

The 2012 Summer Olympics have already begun. The Opening Ceremony is Friday night. Confused? Yeah, we are too. Stop thinking about it and play this

Lithuania’s Jonas Valanciunas Had a Slam Dunk for the Ages

Fun Olympic basketball fact: everyone dunks in the same language.

Attention, European Athletes: Now Might Be a Good Time to Cool Down the Racist Tweets

The United States has more than its fair share of problems with racism—but for real Holy-Sh*t-What-Were-They-Thinking racism, look no further than European sports.

President Obama after LeBron James Dunk: ‘Not Bad’

If we can put politics aside here—even though, who am I kidding, we can't—this video from Tuesday's U.S.A.-Brazil game is tremendous. After LeBron James throws

Sexy Olympians All Set to Have a Lot of Sexy Sex in Sexy Olympic Village

ESPN the Magazine released the definitive article on sex in the Olympic Village today (subheadline: "The real games in the Olympic Village will not be

Blake Griffin May Be Off Team USA; the ‘Brow Reports to Training Camp

Big news out of Team USA's basketball camp in Las Vegas today: Blake Griffin injured his left leg in a scrimmage Wednesday and returned to

Australia’s Olympics Ad Is Dramatic and Inspiring, And I Hope Every Person in It Loses Horribly

Sure, this advertisement for Australia's Olympic team is awe-inspiring and thrilling and makes you appreciate the sacrifices these athletes have all made for one goal. 

What Do You Think of Nike’s Team USA Basketball Uniforms for 2012 London Olympics?

This afternoon Nike unveiled the first images of Team USA Basketball's Hyper Elite Uniform. Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and Deron Williams are all