Mitt Romney

10 Things to Do If Your Candidate Lost the Presidential Election


So last night may not have gone well for you if you voted for Mitt Romney.

election process

8 election myths you probably believe


Some of what we hate most about the American democratic process aren't flaws at all -- they're actually what make the whole thing tick.


Drunk Kansas State Fans Answer Today’s Debate: Which Candidate Would You Rather Tailgate With?


Today, millions of people will head to the polls to vote in the 57th straight Most Important Election of Your Life, picking between the man in the blue corner—reigning champ Barack Obama—and his challenger, Mitt Romney.


The only video you’ll need to tell you whom to vote for


You'll see lots of political content today.


The 10 people you’ll meet on Election Day


Even though the characters you’ll encounter are entertaining, it’s always best to be totally prepared before you head out there to vote.

Erin Burnett animated GIF

Your 2012 Election Open Thread


Everything you need to know about today's election in the form of hilarious screencaps and GIFs.

voting fraud

16 reasons your vote won’t count in the 2012 elections


Rest assured that unscrupulous members from both parties will attempt to give their candidates an edge on polling day.

presidential debate

The Best of the ‘Horses and Bayonets’ Meme


After 45 minutes or so of the debate last night, we had a serious political problem: Unlike the first and second presidential throwdowns, with its talk of Big Bird and "Binders Full of Women," there was no clear meme to dominate a discussion today.


Is this Mitt Romney making a gay joke in his high school yearbook?


Currently going viral on Facebook and Twitter is this homophobic photo that alleges to be from Mitt Romney's high school yearbook.

presidential debate

Jimmy Kimmel Asks People on Street Who Won Presidential Debate—Before Debate Takes Place


If you caught the debate last night, you were probably left with a few takeaways: Jeremy, who asked the first question, should be crowned King of the Nerds; Mitt Romney owns binders full of women; and Candy Crowley gave strippers everywhere proof that their names are not holding them back from succeeding in life.


The 12 People Who Shouldn’t Post Their Political Opinion On Facebook


I’ve been on Facebook since the spring of my sophomore year of college.

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