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10 Things to Do If Your Candidate Lost the Presidential Election

So last night may not have gone well for you if you voted for Mitt Romney. And today, you may still be sitting there in

Drunk Kansas State Fans Answer Today’s Debate: Which Candidate Would You Rather Tailgate With?

Today, millions of people will head to the polls to vote in the 57th straight Most Important Election of Your Life, picking between the man

The Best of the ‘Horses and Bayonets’ Meme

After 45 minutes or so of the debate last night, we had a serious political problem: Unlike the first and second presidential throwdowns, with its

Jimmy Kimmel Asks People on Street Who Won Presidential Debate—Before Debate Takes Place

If you caught the debate last night, you were probably left with a few takeaways: Jeremy, who asked the first question, should be crowned King

The 12 People Who Shouldn’t Post Their Political Opinion On Facebook

I’ve been on Facebook since the spring of my sophomore year of college. Here’s how I was convinced to join:

Watch Bill Clinton’s Full Speech at the Democratic National Convention

If you were watching Giants-Cowboys tonight, you may have missed Ol' Slick Willy deliver a whopper of a speech at the DNC. His talk clocked

Here Are Clint Eastwood and Mitt Romney’s Speeches to the RNC

We're throwing these up with minimal comment, because you can read any interpretation of them you want on any other website with the slightest political