happy holidays

This Post-Christmas Facebook Drinking Game Will Get 20-Somethings DRUNK


Last night, Christmas night, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and couldn't help to notice how every single post was either (1.


Wanna See Beautiful 20-Somethings Getting Turnt In Europe? Behold, The 2014 Yacht Week After Movie


It feels like we've been supporting Yacht Week here at BroBible from the very beginning.

post sad

If You’re a 20-Something, Stop Saying You’re Old


Every post-grad, 20-something millenial idiot is guilty of this, but we do it anyway.

20 somethings

Have You Peaked? A Guide for 20-Something Millennials


There is nothing more depressing then the slow realization throughout your 20s that you've probably hit critical mass for certain things.


The 6 Best Places To Live During Your 20s


Colorado should probably be on this list, simply because people in their 20s like smoking weed.


30 Things 30-Somethings Hate About Millennials


On Saturday, myself (David Covucci) and Brandon Wenerd were at a bar with one of our younger coworkers whose phone was dead.

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