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VIDEO: 2 Chainz Makes It Rain on Upside-Down Strippers

2 Chainz does what 2 Chainz wants.

‘Benihana’ by Jeezy and 2 Chainz Is the Illest Song Ever about Going to a Japanese Steakhouse

For those of you who don't know, Benihana is one of those Japanese steakhouse where you sit in front of a grill and chefs perform cool-ass

The 2 Chainz Cookbook May Be the Greatest Thing Ever Created

There is a cookbook that was released this week. This cookbook is not curated by Jamie Oliver or Betty Crocker or Paula Deen; it does

2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar Join Robin Thicke for ‘Give It 2 U,’ a Bumpin’ Follow-Up to ‘Blurred Lines’

Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, a team of HBCU majorettes, Remy Martin, and something called the "Ass Float" all help Robin Thicke attempt to recapture the

Drake’s Releases Banger of a New Jam ‘All Me,’ Featuring 2 Chainz and Aziz Ansari (?)

The song title is "All Me," a not-exactly-subtle nod to the lyrical self-absorption that has sometimes characterized Drake's career. I groaned a bit when I

Rappers And Cereal Has Officially Won The Internet Photoshop Game

Start your morning with Snoop Loops, 2 Grainz, Rice Rickies, Jigga Jacks: the breakfast of champions.

2 Chainz’ Next Album Will Include a Cookbook

In a time of declining album sales, peerless lyricist 2 CHAINZ has just the key to ship a few more copies of his sophomore work, B.O.A.T.S.

Macklemore and 2Chainz Are Both In Clinton Sparks’ Dope New Song. YUS.

Clinton Sparks released a new single today off his forthcoming album, "Disco Ball and Chain". The record features the bizarre, yet oddly brilliant pairing of

Here’s a Kickass Country Music Version of 2Chainz’s ‘Birthday Song’ Feat. Kanye West

A few weeks ago 2Scarves blew my mind with their country version of A$AP Rocky's "F*ckin' Problems." That shit was a kneeslappin', yeehawwin', whiskey-bottle smashin' good time.

2 Chainz Is Pretty Into Being 2 Chainz in New Video for ‘Crack’

While this may the musical equivalent of watching Superbad on cable television (censorship kills), still a solid visual effort from rising star and friend of

Watch Wiz Khalifa’s Music Video for ‘It’s Nothin’ featuring 2 Chainz + a New Freestyle

Wiz Khalifa's second album, O.N.I.F.C., has been pushed back to a December 4th release date, but that doesn't mean he's not promotion new material off

Check Out The Singularity Minimix on BroBible Radio 004

Drake drops a new track, we rehash some old Bro-Jams, Deadmau5 gives us a freebie plus we play a possible new twerk anthem!? I am