by Brandon Wenerd on October 30, 2012

I was at a Knicks game. This is an embarrassing story for a couple reasons.

I went with an actor and he had courtside seats. And uh … I don’t know. I had eaten some pot chocolate to relax myself.

I’m sitting there courtside, nice tickets. You know, I don’t really do that stuff.

I was thinking to myself, about third quarter, “You know this pot chocolate’s kind of kicking in. I can feel it.”

Two seconds later, this guy comes up to me that worked for Madison Square Garden, he’s like, “Hey do you mind if we put your face on the Jumbotron?”

I’m like, “What? What?!”

He goes, “Do you mind it we–.” I’m like, “Uhhhhhh…”

I didn’t want it up there. I went, “Sure!” I don’t know. I’m not confrontational that way. And I was like, “OK.”

And I look up — keep in mind the chocolates and there was a delay on the Jumbotron thing. I’m looking up. I’m giggling at myself, giggling at myself.

I look up, “Hahaha.” I look down, “Hahaha.” There are just those moments where you’re like, “This is just a dumb existence.”

Hey! Welcome back, NBA. Glad to have you around for a full season this year.