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WWE joins NOH8 campaign in support of same-sex marriages

By / 04.22.14


Last year, WWE Superstar Darren Young came out publicly as being gay.

He was the first professional wrestler to do so while still active. The WWE showed it’s full support to Darren.

Now, in a show of support to same sex marriages, WWE has joined the NOH8 campaign.

The WWE has teamed up with the NOH8 campaign to send a clear message of support for LGBT Americans and same-sex equality. Various stars from the pro wrestling company are appearing in Adam Bouska’s serial photo project stemming from the frustration he and partner Jeff Parshley felt when Prop 8 was passed in California.

“Our mission at WWE is to put smiles on people’s faces and we do that, in part, by participating in initiatives that help fight bullying of all kinds,” said Stephanie McMahon, Chief Brand Officer, WWE, who appears in the photos. “We are proud to support the LBGT community by taking part in the WWE NOH8 campaign.”

Many WWE Superstars including Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Daniel Bryan and the Bella Twins began tweeting and Instagraming their photos yesterday under the #WWENOH8 hashtag. A ton more hit the web today.

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All photos courtesy of Adam Bouska and the NOH8 campaign.

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