by Reggie Noble on May 15, 2012

“The fact that broadcasters, media people, an athletes are allowed to tweet – which should be against the law – is a big change. It should be against the law for any of them, including me. You’re never going to catch me tweeting and I’m proud of that, if you do, you’ve got a scoop. It’ll never happen.”

Those are the words of a very out of touch person. You’ve probably heard them from someone who doesn’t realize that tweets are just thoughts presented on another medium. They usually don’t come from someone as high-profile as Francesa though.

God, that’s a hell of an opinion. Nuanced and developed. No wonder he’s so beloved. One has to wonder how much bigger he could grow his media empire if he actually utilized a real-time news-gathering source.

[H/T: Jimmy Traina]

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