by Lance Pauker on March 31, 2013

This is more of the 'Welsh Maradona,” whose full name is Andrew Cassidy. Some cool information on the 50 year-old sensation, via the YouTube descrip and Wales News Service:

The 50-year-old hails from Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire, and tells the Daily Mail that he started kicking footballs around after he lost his job as a fisherman in 2002. He now spends two hours a day practising in a car park – and as a result of this video going viral, first on Facebook and then on YouTube, he's now been invited to take part in the World Freestyle Football Championships in Dubai.

“'I'm quite agile for a big guy and I've got good hand-eye coordination, balance and timing, ” Cassidy tells the Daily Mail. “I'm pretty good even though I've got a lot of blubber on me: it's just a matter of practice and I've got plenty of time on my hands for that.”

You can watch a short interview with him here, and view his mad skillz below. Seems like a pretty great guy. 

[H/T: Deadspin]

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