by Andy Moore on April 29, 2013

You know Brando: He hosts College Football Today and is an omnipresent voice on CBS Sports. And he was here today to bring the SMART TAKE on the Collins situation.

Aw, yeah. Tim Brando wants to talk about gettin' down. Gettin' real dirty with it. Making sweet, sweet love on air, right in your living room, baby. It's about to get real steamy in here.



Brando Time.

Boom-chicka-wow-wow, Brando Time.

So there's maybe a discussion to be had about how we tend to overuse or misuse the word “hero.” It should be saved for those who lay their lives on the line. I'm willing to bet that even Collins would probably shy away from the term were it used directly to him. 

But we also overuse and misuse words like “literally” and “awesome” all the time. (Did you “literally” laugh your ass off at that “awesome” goat video the other day, for instance?) The English language doesn't need to have these hard and fast rules. I don't know see how using the term in an exaggerated way is that big a deal any more.

Especially since, well, Collins has really put himself out here to do a commendable thing that'll help a lot of other gay people. Plus, announcers like Brando call injured players “heroic,” about once a fucking day, and I've never heard Brando say, “STOP CALLING WES WELKER HEROIC.”

Most importantly, he's now put this sex tape image in my head. Which I will forever hate him for.

Actually one more…

Brando Time.

UPDATE: Missed this earlier, but radio host Mike Francesa also weighed in with a negative reaction. He called it a “dramatic attempt by SI to sell magazines.” Francesa hadn't read the story yet.

[H/T: @josh_levin]

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