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The Best Sports GIFs of the Weekend

By / 12.03.12


Did you miss any highlights this weekend? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are some the best and worst from the sports weekend in glorious GIF form.

15 Earl Bennett helicopters into the end zone

14 Block heard round the world

Yes it was legal and yes it was awesome.

13 Mark Sanchez reacts to a rare Jets touchdown

The face of a man who just lost his job.

12 Lache Seastrunk hammy-pull touchdown

This is just your garden variety touchdown run and…wait, he pulled a hammy?

11 Best punt return of the season?

You know that whole, “keep your head on a swivel thing?” Yea, that applies here.


Sadly and hilariously, Sheed was ejected for his infamous, “BALL DON’T LIE.”

9 Calvin Johnson being Calvin Johnson

Too bad Megatron can’t play defense…which leads us to this next GIF.

8 The Andrew Luck magic show

The 2012 Detroit Lions folks. Inventing news ways to lose every week.


Too bad this came in one of the most lopsided losses in Nebraska history.

6 Touchdown pass of the weekend

A D3 game over the weekend featured this underhand throw for a touchdown.

5 A B1G suplex

Payback for the ‘block heard round the world’ in #14?

4 The Charlie Batch chicken dance…or something

He gets a pass here. He’s 37 and when he was a kid, the chicken dance was cool (h/t: @bmdoty)

3 It’s no buttfumble

But it’s still nice to LOL at the Jets.

2 Bruce Arians gets knocked the f-ck out

Like the rest of his team, he gets right back up and continues to fight. #CHUCKSTRONG

1 Emmaunel Sanders DERP

Yes, it’s entirely possible the midfield logo caused the fumble.

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