by J. Camm on August 19, 2013

This is the exact reason I refuse to submit my application to Big Brother. I wouldn't have a racism highlight reel like this year's contestants (JC doesn't see race), and I don't even pick my nose a lot, but sometimes you have to get after it and I couldn't repress that urge for three months or “pretend” I was taking a dump every time I needed to dig. Also, farting. I don't fart all day or anything, but when my lower intestine is bad, it's like nothing the American public has ever seen.

J. Camm

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J. Camm is the Managing Editor of BroBible. He is a graduate of the University of Miami thanks mostly in part to a world-class short-term memory. When not writing drivel on the Internet, J.Camm enjoys golf and the inexplicable satisfaction that comes with forgetting a person's name the exact instant he meets them.

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