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Holy Sh*t: Team USA Just Won by 83 Points

By / 08.02.12

Since NBC is evil and doesn't allow anyone to show video from the game, let's take a quick look at the most unbelievable stats to come from the blowout:

71.1 field goal percentage: This was an Olympic record. The entire American team looked like NBA Jam's Reggie Miller while on fire. Every. Single. Shot. seemed to go in. 

29 3-pointers: Also an Olympic record. Here's a way to put that into context: The U.S. hit more threes than Nigeria hit total shots. 

83-point margin of victory: A record. The U.S. led by only (ha) 24 points after the first quarter. That lead expanded to 33 after the first half, then sh*t blew up in the second. 

156 total points: Another record. It never really looked like the U.S. was running up the score either. Kobe Bryant and LeBron James only played 10 minutes each, and the guys at the far end of the bench—James Harden and Andre Iguodola—played more than anyone else. The team was just that good.

37 points from Carmelo Anthony: Also, you guessed it, an Olympic record. Melo dropped 37 despite only shooting the ball 16 times and attempting three free throws. It helps when you make…

10 threes by Anthony: An Olympic record.

1 team of 10: Other than the U.S., only one team today scored more than 83 points. 83 was the Americans' margin of victory.

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