by BroBible Viral on May 6, 2014


Just a normal evening at the club with Stevie Franchise. I’ll let the caption handle the explaining.

Steve Francis Gives Himself A Champagne Shower While Listening To “Drunk In Love” (video) -blogged by @eleven8 – How is this for strange news? Former NBA baller, Steve Francis, was spotted at Dream Nightclub in Miami over the weekend in a bizarre state. Francis is caught on video pouring champagne all over himself in the middle of the club while Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” plays in the background. Oddly, most people aren’t paying him any mind while he’s drenching himself in alcohol.

From our own Dub J: “I love how he got more into it when the DJ screamed “ladies sing that shit”

Here’s a link to the full video.

[Via @WMsDiary]

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