by Andy Moore on January 27, 2014


A hilarious Imgur photo album made the rounds this weekend showing just how bad Sochi looks, just a few days before the games begin on February 7th. It's the side of the Olympic Village that Putin doesn't want the world to see. It's not pleasant.

According to the poster, this is the main street leading into the Olympic Village. That mountain of dirt: a half-mile away from where the Games will begin.

Here's the status on a hotel:

And then there are the signs everywhere which say “no electricity” or “no gas.” There also appear to be live wires lying on some sidewalks.

And how 'bout these roads! Extra points for the spray-painted grass.

We always knew the International Olympic Committee was hilariously corrupt. But you don't get much more corrupt than “dangerous half-built summer resort pegged to host Winter Games.” This should go well.

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