by Kyle Koster on May 8, 2014


Well, it appears the self-pass is officially a thing now. A few days after Gary Haynes blew up the internet by lobbing himself a Hail Mary, Michigan quarterback Shane Morris is here to prove he can do the same thing.

I’m posting it on BroBible because I don’t have the power to post it on WorldStar, a wish explicitly expressed by Morris.

While I do find these self-passes to be impressive, it seems like we all did the exact same thing in our backyards while growing up. Granted, we didn’t have the arm strength or foot speed showcased at the elite college level.

But I distinctly remember tossing 30-yard touchdown passes from Scott Mitchell to Herman Moore all while avoiding the family dog, who liked to nap in the end zone-driveway.

Should have saved the footage.

[H/T: SB Nation]

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